#NaShiHaiKuMo2022 Day 30!

Congratulations indeed, and thank you! It has been a month! Many thanks to all who read, commented on, or otherwise supported this project. Thanks also to featured guest shit haikuists, Valdis Stakle and Gunta Binks. In addition to their contribution, I received the following guest shit haiku, either via email, or in the comments section... Continue Reading →

‘Go Easy’ published at MasticadoresUSA

Go easy:growth comes incrementallypaso a pasostep by baby stepwe learntake two steps forwardone step backrepeat the same mistakesbegin again... Please head over to MasticadoresUSA to continue reading! Many thanks to editor Gabriela for featuring my work once again. 'Go easy' seems appropriate advice to myself as this mammoth month of poetry draws to a close...... Continue Reading →

Love’s Labour’s Lost #poetry #dVerse

Love’s labour’s lost which seeks home out of place:an unswept hearth, a heart as black as coal.It rather should burn steadily, keeping pacewith kindred spirits, render true hearts whole Love’s labour’s patient, understanding, kindseeks not to self-aggrandise, or deceive;seeks rather to spread light, though it be blind:Love’s lantern light shines that we might receive  Its... Continue Reading →

Uncommon Commons #poetry #earthweal

I live at the boundarybetween urban and rural lifeat the threshold of the countryside,where daily birdsongsoothes my woes, and calms my strife I ride out across rolling fieldswhere factories encroach upon the rivered wildthe beck meanders like a playful childand bullocks feeding at the marginssnort and stamp their feet at passersby I press on to... Continue Reading →

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