A dolphin in real life #poetry #Earthweal

We took our son on his new biketo the old town. Right along the harbour we wentand while we were all looking the other wayhe turned to say ‘I just saw a dolphin in real life!’ Immediately excited, I turnedto look into those broad blue waters, which were starting to phosphoresce with evening light:I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Easter Sonnet Sunday #5: Renewal #poetry

It is the morning of another yearhere in this temperate European landwhile over in the Southern hemisphereAutumn descends upon the scorching sand.The new-day light entreats me go outsidewhile chatter of the birds also invites;the song of nature echoes far and wideand bids me join this dance of spring delights.Each year remakes itself, old skins are... Continue Reading →

Easter Sonnet Sunday #2: Easter Eggs by Sarah Connor

How could you think of Easter without eggs?Shiny, foil-wrapped, hidden around the garden,small girls in nighties with their sturdy legsand boys in jammies, seeking, ardent?And boiled eggs, with their brightly painted shellswaiting for you to crack them. Inside, white and gold,like spring itself - blossom and daffodils.Winter is suddenly something we can holdand crack wide open.... Continue Reading →

Chronicles of Lockdownia #17: Finale

In the dead of night we come upon the castle. We are an army. An army of the forgotten. An army of the usurped, the persecuted and betrayed. We have brooked long lockdowns and isolation, to the point where we almost became locked down at heart. But always within the heart there is a spark,... Continue Reading →

Just call on Ollie… #poetry #fitness

I have a personal trainerand his name is Ollie:if you want to shed those lockdown poundsjust call on Ollie. He will not let you stop to drinkhe shows no mercyand don’t you even stop to think you’re tired, or thirsty. He’ll make you race him down the hillalong the seashorethen all the way back up againscreaming... Continue Reading →

Twitter Poetry Week 13

A whole quarter year has passed in this Twitter Poetry Challenge. So I guess I'm not feeling as excited about #NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) as everyone else is. But I did add it to the tags of my Twitter poems for good measure. I also gave myself a break on Wednesday (day 90) because... Continue Reading →

One Poem at a Time #poetry #poem

Can we change the world, one poem at a time?The jury’s out on this, howevernever underestimate the power of the Wordit has endured millenia, for bad or goodaccording to its useWhat to believe? It’s up to you to choose: this is not a polemical poem. I’ve changed my life, one poem at a time:in darkest... Continue Reading →

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