Winter’s Margin

Shades of the prison houseexist within the shadowslurk at the peripheriesof winter’s margin. Our birth is but a sleepand a forgetting - what?The light, from which we camestill burns within. Cold bites, the penniless poetsstrike a matchburn incense, cup wax candles in star-jarsdraw closer in. Your hands recall the sculptor's artof Michelangeloand I know all... Continue Reading →

I Long to Belong…

I long to be long in your armsin your hand-holdmy lovehow I long to belong I long to be boldwith your charmsmeasured tenfoldmy lovehow I long to be bold I love to be lovedby your caresses blessedhow I love to be lovedmy beloved So I’m ending my songwith a kiss and a blessingI waitwhere I long... Continue Reading →

If You Kill The Bird…

"You're just an empty cage, girl, if you kill the bird." - Tori Amos If you kill the birdyou’ll rise up every morning drone-like, yawning heart un-singing If you kill the birdyou’ll spend your whole life mourningyearning, wishing:unfulfilling  If you kill the birdyou’re dead girl, walkingempty streets through hardrain falling: You’re just an empty cage girlvoid of... Continue Reading →


Bewitched pigsflaming leavesbent, twisted twigs,a wind which weaves,mourns, moans of melodyhaunts with its poetryhand-in-hand you-and-mewalking a gold-coin trimmed alleythrough the cold veil of autumn. All this heat and symmetry remembered, how thebreath peals, wreathed in mistencircling thissacred geometry. Today is heavy:Rain falls and you aren't hereI call up the crystal screenstare hard into andthrough the ubiquitous... Continue Reading →

A Video Poem from ‘Three-Penny Memories’

It has been an exciting week following the launch of Barbara Harris Leonhard's debut poetry collection, Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir. The book reached the #1 New Release slot in Family Poetry, making this another EIF bestselling title! Huge congratulations to Barbara on this well-deserved accolade: No.1 New Release in Family Poetry! To celebrate the... Continue Reading →

Hie Me to a Hollow

The news is grim:Austerity bitesfuel poverty enriches black gold cofferswe need to use less, use lessuseless to try and stop them.Will their fortunes restore all that we have lost?They wouldn’t care to:Let’s extract and extract and all the while distract the masses with trivia(forgetting we're all freezing here)create paradise in a bubbleretreat into it.When the... Continue Reading →

Out Now! ‘Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir’

I am delighted to announce the successful publication of Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir, the debut poetry collection from Barbara Harris Leonhard. The book is available from Amazon in both Kindle and paperback format: And here are the links to buy the book in various countries: UKFranceSpainItalyJapanCanadaAustraliaIndia Huge congratulations are due to Barbara, both... Continue Reading →

‘Three-Penny Memories’ launches tomorrow!

It is a great honour to announce that Barbara Harris Leonhard's debut poetry collection, Three Penny Memories, A Poetic Memoir, will be published tomorrow. The book will be available to purchase via Amazon. If, for any reason, you do not have access to Amazon markets, please contact me via email ( to discuss alternative purchase... Continue Reading →

Cassettes Live @ Three Tanners Bank

Marking their post-pandemic return to the live music scene, Cassettes performed a 25-minute live acoustic set at this intimate North Tyneside venue on Sunday night. I had the privilege of attending and witnessing a seasoned, soulful performance from frontman and founder Nick Reeves... Looking effortlessly cool in lime-green turtleneck, braces and Converse boots, Nick takes... Continue Reading →

Bewcastle Pilgrimage

This high and lonely landscapelays no claim to grandeur only majesty:magnetic resonanceschime the air, to wake still silent Cuthbert’s bells to tolling The Black and White Lynea two-pronged divining rodmeet north of Roweltownforming the Lyne, follow the linealways the line So I am drawn here,time and time again,at threshold momentslife’s magnetic compass,always pointing North God bless this sacred... Continue Reading →

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