Postcards from Slovenia #38: First Snow in Bled

As we are locked down within our borough at present, I sometimes worry about these posts getting a bit monotonous. Thankfully the weather is providing variety as the landscape does not look set to change for weeks to come. I could write about places I’ve visited in the past, but I think this kind of writing loses some of its immediacy, like a postcard sent months after you return from holiday.

The first snow of this winter began to fall around 10am last Wednesday, 2 December, and by evening the whole landscape was blanketed. There was rain over the following weekend, but this wasn’t enough to melt all the snow before a fresh fall came. Here are some images I have taken of Bled and the surrounding area:

Trees in the winter snow, Bled Town
Ducks covered in snow
Snow ducks on Lake Bled
Forest, winter
The forest disappears into a snow cloud
Christmas trees in my back garden!
Church, snow, winter
St Margaret’s Church, Bohinjska Bela

I hope you enjoyed this post. Visit my Instagram for more images of Slovenia in the snow. And stay tuned for more Postcards from Slovenia!

17 thoughts on “Postcards from Slovenia #38: First Snow in Bled

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  1. Wow! Such beautiful and breathtaking photos of the snow. 4th and 5th are my favorite.

    As nice as it looks, the cold must be harsh!

    1. Thank you Lucy! It is nice and warm inside-they really know how to insulate buildings here. The contrast between inside and out is quite shocking 🥶

  2. What a beautiful blanket of snow! I love seeing snow especially on fir trees; it is such a lovely natural decoration. The ducks on the lake in winter are a sight we never see so thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I did feel sorry for the poor ducks but I suppose they must be able to cope with it. There is even more snow in the mountains – I plan to write about this next week.

    1. It certainly is! I am enjoying the snow, it is the first time I have lived somewhere like this at Christmas. I hope you are well also and wish you all the best for the Holiday season! ❄️

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