Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #16

This week, over at The Flippant, Comic, and Serious Priscilla (pictured) is feeling a little down in the dumps. She’s very upset that people don’t seem to care about the correct usage of the possessive apostrophe. She asked Don to come up with a poem to cheer her up, and I think he might just have done it. Who knew that cats were such hardline grammarians?

The Much Abused Apostrophe Mark

(John Richardson was a former news copywriter, often correcting the use of apostrophes. He was founder of the Apostrophe Protection Society)

Apostrophe Protection
Society was formed
By 96 John Richardson
(Two thousand one, it dawned)

John and his group have given up
Their fight for ‘postrophe
We’ve now become so ignorant
Ignorant, lazy

Don Matthews January 2020

Awakening Hotel

Awakening’s a you beaut hotel
Built in the jungle (Mexico)
Helping you synchronise with surroundings
And hence universe (there ya go)

On arriving, to a room they don’t show you
Instead to a cocoon in a tree
Accessed by a you beaut rope ladder
Designed around mind symmetry

(The above phrases and the following are taken from their promotion material. Awakening offers signature experiences from transformation experts or simply connecting yourself with nature by floating in a crystal-clear cenote)

Don Matthews January 2020


Japan’s train system suddenly came to a halt
With the cancelling of twenty-six trains
Caused by a slug in an electrical box
Which said slug will not do again

Cos he was electrocuted…..

Don Matthews June 2019

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  1. Apostrophy’s need to be used correctly, do’nt they! D’ont want the grammer police on’to us!
    Loved those pod thingies. Going to get one put in my back yard for me and Dauphy.
    Are they sure it was a slug. It could have been a homeless snail that had gone off the rails.
    Anyway, three good posts from the FCS master again!🙂

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