Reborn Again

All across the land echoes a brand new mornI am reborn in you, I am rebornA frosted hand in glove, though weather-wornthaws, graven with signs of how I’ve grown I am reborn in you, I am rebornthe lake lies golden under winter’s crownthen thaws, graven with signs of how I’ve growna mirrored ice-rink glass I... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon: EIF Affiliate Publishing!

Owing to the success of EIF's first year in publishing, I am already replete with projects for the coming year. However, I would like to offer an opportunity to anyone who has considered self-publishing their work, but didn't know where to start. EIF Affiliate Publishing Starting in the New Year, I am going to offer... Continue Reading →

Hartsop – poetry for earthweal

Hartsopwhere lovers' hearts hopheading down the valley at the close of day Ghyllside or hillsideover the fell-tophappily, wearily, wending their way. Heart’s leapat golden light's last lapover the autumn sky, dying away. Hearts stoptrue enough, all hearts stop:what better place than Hartsop at the close of day? © 2022 All Rights Reserved. Sharing with earthweal's... Continue Reading →

EIF Titles: Kindle Sale!

It has been a year since I launched Experiments in Fiction as a business, and what a year it has been! With four titles published so far, three of these Amazon bestsellers, one receiving a Pushcart nomination, and all carrying 5-star reviews. Thank you to everyone who has made this a remarkable year for EIF,... Continue Reading →

Tipping Point

I don't go into the woods todaywhere I once passed so many happy hours;don't deign to skip through forest gladespausing to whisper love to trees and flowers. I don’t walk under the avenueof sturdy sycamores behind my homeinstead I listen nervously as in the constant gales, they creak and groan The trees still standing have reached... Continue Reading →


‘The shadows rise, the sunlight falls’*and all’s aglow, within these walls:The candlelight, the cold, the heatThe candlelight, the cold, the heat Sheets ripple, springs ache for releaseI am for you, who aims to pleaseresistance fails, our rising fallsrebounds the room, resound - the halls Alight, alight! We come alivebeneath the sheets, beyond we diveinto a... Continue Reading →

Hie Me to a Hollow

The news is grim:Austerity bitesfuel poverty enriches black gold cofferswe need to use less, use lessuseless to try and stop them.Will their fortunes restore all that we have lost?They wouldn’t care to:Let’s extract and extract and all the while distract the masses with trivia(forgetting we're all freezing here)create paradise in a bubbleretreat into it.When the... Continue Reading →


Undercurrents of a weeping worldswirl above black watersbeneath the trees, I whisper pleasI love you Eddying down to who-knows-wherethe eye of a storm’s dead certaintywith death, the singularity that takes you Flowers float the River StyxThe Ferryman emerges froma three-decades-long mist, insistsI’ve missed you I light a candle in a cellleave blooms before the river’s swellthe... Continue Reading →

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