I Dreamt of Autumn Leaves in Summer #poetry

I dreamt of Autumn leaves in Summer:a row of tall beech trees along the road to Dalston, blazing yellow, and a woman said,'It starts like this: they’ll pray tomorrow and in a few more years, we’ll all be dead.' I dreamt of seasons turning upside-downand blood-red furrows fouled the sodden plowand all of this to those in... Continue Reading →


The Bay has taken on the shape of summer;high-cloud clears to sparkle-tip the waves:glittering prize bequeathed to us in winterwhen ice-cold breaths warmed into brighter days I’m falling ever deeper like the surf-swellplummets towards the depths of this salt seasand underfoot I stand, glowing and grateful:golden, the love your heart has gifted me My mind’s... Continue Reading →

Wounds I Healed: A #1 Amazon Bestseller!

I am excited beyond words to announce that Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women is now the No.1 Bestselling New Release in Poetry Anthologies in both Paperback and Kindle formats: Chart-topping success! Thank you to everyone who has helped create a buzz around the launch of the anthology, and to all who have... Continue Reading →

Time-Travelling Lovers #poetry

A sandman courting borrowed timeyou wrote, I writeyou need not borrow time, for life in love is timelessweaving in and out of centuriestwo lovers,holding hands, meet on the station platformbeneath wrought iron ribsand while they wroughtthe ribs that bridged the Tynewe watched them from the riverbank;as Cuthbert made his pilgrimage, we shadowed him;Centurions, we walked... Continue Reading →

Wounds I Healed: Release Date Announced!

After much hard work, I am excited to announce that the hotly-anticipated poetry anthology Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women is due for release on 18 June 2022! Here is a short summary of the book: Award-winning authors, Pushcart nominees, emerging poets, voices of women and men, come to the fore in this... Continue Reading →

Two Collared Doves #poetry

I saw two collared doves at Hesket Newmarketcloud-coloured collared doves crossing the roadone leaned it’s feathered head towards the otherto share some secret wish, lighten a load I loved you then, she cooed (coo-cooed)I love you still, cooed hein such a manner, they were wooed,would ever-loved be It was a market day in early summera... Continue Reading →

Deep Healing Green #poetry #earthweal

I love this land:let me be clearthis is no jingoistic patriotism speaking in meI have been exiled many a year There is no green on earth like to this greenthis English green, green of my motherlandit is not Alpine green, or Slovene greenor even Waimea high pasture green:this green is mine I head out here,... Continue Reading →

Jubilee Floats #poetry

Jubilee floats trundle over the rumbling roadon past the village greenbunting flaps the telegraph poles, slaps time to the rhythm of the children’s clappingswallows dive and plough the sky, while candyfloss clouds build and tumble:I miss you, only miles away, but feel your love surround me like a blanket,weighted with magic, sparkling with cloth of gold.... Continue Reading →

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