‘All Grown Up Now’ is published!

Congratulations to author Kim M. Russell on the publication of her autobiographical poetry pamphlet, All Grown Up Now. This beautifully crafted poetry collection is available from Amazon.com, Waterstones.com and Barnesandnoble.com. The online launch party will take place today at 6pm GMT. Kim will be talking about the inspiration behind the collection, and reading some of... Continue Reading →

I Long to Belong…

I long to be long in your armsin your hand-holdmy lovehow I long to belong I long to be boldwith your charmsmeasured tenfoldmy lovehow I long to be bold I love to be lovedby your caresses blessedhow I love to be lovedmy beloved So I’m ending my songwith a kiss and a blessingI waitwhere I long... Continue Reading →


Bewitched pigsflaming leavesbent, twisted twigs,a wind which weaves,mourns, moans of melodyhaunts with its poetryhand-in-hand you-and-mewalking a gold-coin trimmed alleythrough the cold veil of autumn. All this heat and symmetry remembered, how thebreath peals, wreathed in mistencircling thissacred geometry. Today is heavy:Rain falls and you aren't hereI call up the crystal screenstare hard into andthrough the ubiquitous... Continue Reading →

Protection #poetry #earthweal

LoveI want to shelter deep within your heartfor I am part of you, as you of me:there is no shelter when we are apart LoveI want to shelter you within my armsfrom a thousand thousand worldly cares and harmsin silence, as we listen to the wind’s song Childnine moons I sheltered you beneath my breast,I wrote... Continue Reading →

Riggindale Eagle #poetry #earthweal

Man writes in his pompousnessof my magnificence, Iinspire in him dread and awe Often, I would see himface upturned in the valley belowstraining his head-stalk, watching my swoop and plough Catching a thermal, hitching a free ride, up, upto the dizzying wideempty blue (or often, grey)with a clear eye to search out prey The truth... Continue Reading →

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