Protection #poetry #earthweal

LoveI want to shelter deep within your heartfor I am part of you, as you of me:there is no shelter when we are apart LoveI want to shelter you within my armsfrom a thousand thousand worldly cares and harmsin silence, as we listen to the wind’s song Childnine moons I sheltered you beneath my breast,I wrote... Continue Reading →

Riggindale Eagle #poetry #earthweal

Man writes in his pompousnessof my magnificence, Iinspire in him dread and awe Often, I would see himface upturned in the valley belowstraining his head-stalk, watching my swoop and plough Catching a thermal, hitching a free ride, up, upto the dizzying wideempty blue (or often, grey)with a clear eye to search out prey The truth... Continue Reading →

This but trash #poetry #earthweal

This but trash‘tis but trash, thisthing for which you wish:leave it, it is choking upthe Earth, your desirefor more, always moreyou have enoughyou givenothingexceptyourselfaway.Abandon it:burn brightinto the blessedlight of day. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for earthweal The pandemic and resultant lockdowns certainly got me thinking about how much junk I have in my life that I... Continue Reading →

The knot in my stomach #poetry #poem

There’s a knot in my stomachwhich was not what I wanted butguess what?You can't always get what you want.But if you try sometimes...What I need?Not to feel this way. This knot is not from want but from need. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse Tonight, Mish is hosting quadrille, and she has asked... Continue Reading →

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