Collateral Kindness #poetry #earthweal

It was the dreaded news:nobody knew if you were coming backyet, in my heartI knew you weren't. My mother. Whose hand would I hold now?Whose arms would comfort mein times of sorrow? Who would be my championand sing my praisein the faceof the entire, uncaring world? Out of the blackness of that coldOctober nightcame the... Continue Reading →

The Key #haibun #flashfiction

Sometimes, we’re not given a chance to come to terms with the imminence of our death. Something unexpected happens, and before we know it, it’s all over. I’d parked the car at the sea shore. The waves were getting wilder, and my son pointed out a particularly high one on the horizon. In a panic,... Continue Reading →

Roll-call #poetry #earthweal

BorrowdaleDerwentBassenthwaiteSkiddawBlencathra This are my Northern fellsmy Northern dales, mytrue poetic North, andspiritual home.But wait! There are more: GrisedaleCatbellsSeatollerGreat GableScafelll Who left these names here? No-one can tell,perhaps Vikings, or Celts:lost tribes who also set their compass bythese risings of the earththese hallowed wooded hollowsplace of spiritual birth. The stone-circle builders atCastlerigg, Long Meg and her... Continue Reading →

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