Morecambe and Wiser #poetry

A palate of clouds and light over the baybut I'm glad I took you anywayI hadn't been for such a long timeand the way the sun played on the sands: sublimethe stone jetty with its tongue-twisters,the unpretentious tea shop where we shelteredthen when we came out, how the grey clouds partedto reveal the hills!Glory days!... Continue Reading →

The lost tooth #haibun

I remember the first tooth you lost. It was Granollers Day, annual fair of the nearest big town. C’était un jour de fête was playing in my head. Too much beer and revelry and sure, I lost a piece of myself that day. Why do we cling on to childhood? I remember the first tooth... Continue Reading →

We’re locked down too…#poetry

Sometimes frustration gets the better of mebecause I’m stuck doing geography in a language I don’t fully understandinstead of writing poetry. Sometimes I write poetry in the bathroom.Sometimes I long to be alone a little while, with no demands on me.I wonder why the children are climbing the walls, running round the housein circles, spiralling, spillingtoys... Continue Reading →

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