We’re locked down too…#poetry

Sometimes frustration gets the better of me
because I’m stuck doing geography 
in a language I don’t fully understand
instead of writing poetry.

Sometimes I write poetry in the bathroom.
Sometimes I long to be alone a little while, with no demands on me.
I wonder why the children are climbing the walls, running round the house
in circles, spiralling, spilling
toys all over the floor.

Then the youngest turns to me
and smiles and, laughs and runs to me
and as I take him in my arms, although he doesn’t say the words
I hear him say to me
‘We’re locked down too, Mama.’

© Experimentsinfiction 2020, All Rights Reserved

This poem is dedicated to all the children who have had to endure periods of lockdown this year. It’s easy for the adults to complain, but we have resources for dealing with our situation. Children have boundless energy and curiosity: they ought to be outdoors enjoying playtime with their friends, and having fun.

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    1. Yes probably people living alone in isolation have it the worst of all. Hopefully the situation will improve next year. Wishing you love and good health ❤️🙏

  1. So lovely expressed Ingid and honestly, I am impressed that you have the ability to separate yourself out at all in the midst of it all and carve a space for yourself. And you are so smart to take them in your arms when they come and savor the moments. Kudos to you! xo ❤️ hang in there. C

    1. I just have to sometimes or I’d go nuts 🤪 a big thing is to get out in nature every day, that helps us get through! Have a great weekend ❤️

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