Extreme Green #poetry #earthweal

I wantextreme birdsongextreme greenam fortunate to findthese things surround me I seeextreme angerin the eyes of driverscursing traffic cuesand burning fuel, going nowhere asI, bicycling, fly by Extreme clouds pile highin Northern skiesbillow upon billowrattling outpeal upon pealof angry thunder Extreme rainsends bricks and mortar down the drain:where will we live then?Even the third little... Continue Reading →

Tsunami #poetry #earthweal

Reports roll in of a simulation on Russia Today:a thermonuclear explosionrolling a tsunami500m highover the British Isles Of course, it's only posturingwe have our 'independent nuclear deterrent' ironically named (against 'Poseidon') 'Trident'and there must be at least50 different waysto end the world 'If only,' I think 'we weren't experimenting with eachand every one of themat... Continue Reading →

Assemble! #poetry #earthweal

Last night, the winds howled with an intensityenough to make me fearthe downing of the great sycamoresstanding sentinel outside my homethe fourth ‘named storm’ of the year:do we name them in order to tame themif we do this, is there less to fear?We can’t put these storms back in their boxand say‘We don’t want this... Continue Reading →

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