Be part of the Global Assembly on Climate Change!

Dear Readers,

I am hugely excited today to announce that I have been given the opportunity to host a Community Assembly on the Climate and Ecological Crisis. Anyone taking part in this Assembly will have the chance to put their ideas forward to the worldwide Global Assembly. We all talk about how worried we are about the future of this planet. Now is your time to have your say on what we should do about it!

We are a Global Community

Do you remember back in November I hosted an ‘Anthropocene Hymnal Live‘ event? This was born out of my desire to get involved in the COP26 process, and raise my voice, along with other concerned citizens, in any way I could. I also applied to host a Community Assembly which would form part of the Global Assembly to be fed back to World Leaders in March 2022.

I have now been granted funding to host a Community Assembly, and, as we are a diverse worldwide community of writers and poets, I want to invite all of you to take part. I especially encourage participation from those who feel their voice is not being heard at present, communities which have been sidelined or marginalised by the Global Agenda. Therefore, if you know anyone who would like to attend, but does not have internet access or access to the technology, please facilitate them by sharing your resources.

What is the Community Assembly, and where and when will it take place?

The Community Assembly will take the form of a meeting held over Zoom, where we explore major issues relating to the climate and ecological crises, and put forward ideas for solutions. It will be a 3-hour meeting, so we will have a chance to explore the issues in depth, and everyone will have a chance to have their say. I am looking to recruit a minimum of 20 members for this assembly. I also need a volunteer to be note-taker and feed back to me the minutes of the meeting after it has taken place. If you are interested in taking part, please email me:

As with The Anthropocene Hymnal Live, Time Zones are an issue. I have tried to find a time slot which will accommodate the greatest number of participants worldwide. The meeting will therefore take place on Saturday 29 January from 9pm – 12 Midnight GMT. This is quite late in the UK, but gives scope to have participants from time zones as diverse as Australia and British Columbia. It should make for an interesting and informative Saturday Night for me. I hope to see you there!

Let’s raise our voices
don’t stand aside and wait for
tomorrow’s ours

Linking to earthweal’s Open Link Weekend #101, as I have earthweal to thank for lighting a fire in me regarding this issue.

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    1. Thanks Cindy, I hope so! I think it’s a really bad time slot for you, but I missed Australia out last time so had to give them a chance this time around 🌏❤️🌳

  1. Wow, Ingrid! This is amazing news. Congratulations!
    I don’t think I’ll be able to attend the conference, but I will be interested in hearing what happens and any followup.

  2. Congrats on an amazing opportunity!!! Personally, I have been extremely moved by the work you’ve been doing in terms of raising awareness about climate change. The time is now to talk about our planet and what can be done to defend her. I will be sending you an email later this weekend!

  3. How neat! Congratulations on this special opportunity! Here in Virginia, USA, our new conservative governor is about to roll back protections….Not happy about Youngkin (bumpkin).

  4. I am very glad and grateful to get to know your important contributions to our world. Congratulations on this accomplishment and wishing you continued success, happiness and all the support!

  5. Proud of you and your work to make a difference! I will try to make this, I think it’s a great opportunity to brainstorm collectively and have our ideas heard! 💓

  6. Ingrid, I applaud you. What a wonderful opportunity. I LOVE Brendan’s suggestion you do a follow up essay/challenge at earthweal to keep us all informed. I definitely want to hear all about it. I am living in the middle of climate breakdown this year. And governments remain disconnected and inactive.

    1. Thank you Sherry. All we can do is keep raising our voices, and raising awareness. Although I watched ‘Don’t look up’ and I think it sums up very well the global attitude towards the climate crisis at the moment…

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