It’s time to go, Boys… #poetry

Springand the advent of warbirdsong floats on the airseeks to banish despair:what a season! Birds on branchesissue a rallying cryas if to say‘It’s time to go, Boys:Make new life 'Save as many as you candon’t be afraid to take a standdon’t throw it all away for nothing don’t be afraid to let goyou know in your... Continue Reading →

Burnt-out Car #poetry #ekphrastic

Such flameworksuch firesuch fury The once-firm rubber tireburst and meltedinto a trailof liquid white Such transformation by violence ‘All knowledge or devicethat Man has reached or wrought’*perhaps amounts to nought So in the end, there is simply this:crazed tangle of rusted metalcrushed skeletons of chairscharred interiorchassis ribboned in cordon Ineffectual soothed only by nature’s gunmetal grey sky © 2022 All... Continue Reading →

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