Burnt-out Car #poetry #ekphrastic

Such flamework
such fire
such fury

The once-firm rubber tire
burst and melted
into a trail
of liquid white

Such transformation 
by violence 
‘All knowledge or device
that Man has reached or wrought’*
perhaps amounts to nought

So in the end, there is simply this:
crazed tangle of rusted metal
crushed skeletons of chairs
charred interior
chassis ribboned in cordon

soothed only by nature’s 
gunmetal grey sky

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*From Kipling’s ‘Non Nobis Domine

Sharing with earthweal

It’s Open Link Weekend at earthweal, and yesterday I went for a drive up to the edge of the Lake District. I found this burnt-out car and it seemed somehow to speak of many things.

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  1. This poem speaks to me of the havoc and violence men perpetrate on this planet daily, toward the earth and each other. A sad truth. Excellent poem, Ingrid.

  2. So much sadness right now, Ingrid. The world burning. The burned car can definitely be a metaphor. . .
    (but I probably watch and read too many mysteries because my mind went to covering up a crime.)

    I hope your Lake District trip was otherwise soothing. 💙

  3. To see the world through a poet’s eyes. Poetess Ingrid, your poem is thought-provoking, and you have created memorable phrases and imagery, as you do. 👏🏻

  4. A burned-out car becomes a symbol of widespread death and destruction. War literally takes lives, but it also destroys structures human lives have been spent creating…To me, both are highly immoral acts. We are here on earth to create…not to destroy!

    The photo and the poem are both tragic and touching, Ingrid. Reading the poem, I can smell the stench of burning rubber and toxic chemicals, and I wonder how many people died here. Thank you for expressing the sadness we are all feeling.

    1. Cheryl, I want to allay some of the horror evoked by this image, and assure you that this was ‘just’ an act of vandalism in which no people were hurt. But I felt that it stood for a lot more: the violent and destructive instincts of humankind, which we must somehow learn to rise above ❤️

  5. Burnt out vehicles are a ruination of purpose, like gutted apartment buildings or underwater churches. Sad Earth reclaims her lost while we stay itchy with matches.

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