The Quarantine Diaries 24: On the Move?

The French Government announced yesterday they are imposing a two-week quarantine on anyone arriving from Spain, apparently in retaliation for similar measures imposed by the Spanish Government. Prior to that, free movement across Schengen borders was allowed, as far as I'm aware. This is a rapidly evolving situation, and transiting through two additional countries en... Continue Reading →

The Quarantine Diaries 16: Symbol of Hope

'Guiness' the Cat 'I LOVE Guiness, Mammy!' Not normally the words you want to hear from a two-year-old. But in this case, he was talking about a neighbourhood cat who we'd befriended a few days before lockdown started. Now the children have been let out on (reasonably) good behaviour, we went looking for Guiness last... Continue Reading →

The Quarantine Diaries 15: At Liberty!

In another post dedicated to my kids, Benji and Ollie, today I want to tell the story of their first trip out in six weeks. For six weeks they'd been hidden behind closed doors. I'd been looking forward to this moment since the Spanish Government announced the relaxation of lockdown restrictions last week. I actually... Continue Reading →

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