The Quarantine Diaries 24: On the Move?

The French Government announced yesterday they are imposing a two-week quarantine on anyone arriving from Spain, apparently in retaliation for similar measures imposed by the Spanish Government. Prior to that, free movement across Schengen borders was allowed, as far as I’m aware. This is a rapidly evolving situation, and transiting through two additional countries en route to Slovenia is sure to prove challenging. With this in mind, we considered booking a flight to Venice (there are no direct flights from Malaga to Slovenia). We even paid €10 to hold the price of a flight overnight, during which time the flight disappeared, and so did our €10. It would seem that cashflow is a problem across many businesses at the moment.

Our next idea was to drive as far as Barcelona then take the car ferry to Genoa; but the phantom ferry disappeared as quickly as the phantom plane. A journey overland it is, then.


At least our worldly goods should be moved with relative ease, thanks to my brother-in-law’s contacts in the logistics world. Our lives must be packed up by next Thursday, to be taken by lorry to our final destination and await us there. I’m rather pleased we’re going by car; at least this way I get to keep some things of important sentimental value (books and family photos) in case everything else gets lost in transit!

We’re planning the road trip for 30 May – 3rd June. My husband has assured me that with the correct documentation from the Spanish, French, Italian and Slovenian Embassies, we will be allowed to transit. What could possibly go wrong?

That said, I prefer the car to the plane, because we’re far less likely to get infected, or infect others in our perfectly hygenic (!) bubble of a family car. Also, I’m quite happy to keep hold of the car I learned to drive in rather than sell it before leaving and buy a new one at the other end.

Final destination

Slovenia is imposing a seven-day quarantine on new arrivals to the country, at present. And at present, we don’t have anywhere to live when we arrive there, though we have options of places to stay. There is talk of the Slovenian Government lifting all lockdown measures the first week of June, though I’m not sure this includes lifting the quarantine on new arrivals. Neither am I sure it’s a good idea to lift the lockdown so early.

I’m trying not to get stressed by any of this. But it’s easier said than done.

Happy Friday everyone, wherever you find yourself in these strange times!

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