Poem on Your Birthday

I rememberthe coolness of your skin, and your warm heartthe thickness of your hair, and your thin bodyseemed like the wind could blow right through youwhich it didit blows through me, too thoughit won't blow me over I rememberyou waiting for me in the school yard my favourite time of dayand the days you didn't... Continue Reading →

Voyage of the H.M.S. ‘Partner’ #poetry

I'm sailing on the Partner shipthrough ever-changing seasat times a raging storm blows upthen breaks to blissful peace: At least half-way around the worldthis Partner ship has carriedme far, to lands and dreams untoldwhere often I have tarried to learn the tongues of foreign lands,adapting to the changesof life bound in by wedding bandsyet free,... Continue Reading →

Traffic, or ‘This One’s for You,’ a Poem

A slow uptick Of traffic Slow and steadyRegistersSomewhere far out in cyberspace A change in my fortunes:Somebody likesOr maybe someone even lovesThese little things I doWith woven words And only words, thoughCrafted carefullyFrom pain and loveAnd dreamsI tasted once So very long ago it seemsFor youI write these wordsDear audience, dear friends, And dearest muse This quiet... Continue Reading →

4: Love in the time of Covid-19

Poem of the day: La Belle Dame sans Merci by John Keats, 1819. Perhaps my favourite opening lines of any poem: O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms Alone and paley loitering? The sedge has withered from the lake And no birds sing. The metre, that final line - it's pure music. And the last two... Continue Reading →

Parallel Lines

I caught the train by seconds that morning. My sister was already on board.I missed the train by seconds that morning. My sister was already on board. ‘We will meet for lunch after the interview,’ we agreed, as we pulled out of the station.‘We will meet for lunch after the interview,’ we agreed over the... Continue Reading →

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