‘My Other-Me:’ a new #poem published at Free Verse Revolution

I submitted a new poem, ‘My Other-Me’ to Free Verse Revolution in response to the October prompt, ‘Reflections.’ I am delighted to say that the poem has been published over at FVR in advance of the new month:

My Other-Me

The bent swans’ necks
formed a heart-shape
reflected in the lake:
I thought of you.
My Other-Me
reflected in the
mirror-glass tranquillity…

You can read the rest of the poem at Free Verse Revolution, as well as the work of many other talented poets.

I enjoyed returning to love poetry, having written mostly political/apocalyptic/protest poems of late. Don’t worry, though – I have by no means abandoned these timely and important themes! The great thing about love as a theme for poetry is that it is timeless. With a little more love in the world, perhaps I wouldn’t find myself predicting the apocalypse so often.

If you enjoy writing poetry, do look out for the latest EIF Poetry Challenge, which is being announced at 2pm CET today. I would love you to take part! Find out who won last week’s challenge and have a look through the archives if you want to know more.

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  1. Just read it and commented Ingrid. How very beautiful. I love swand but I love the thoughts you have expressed in this gogrgeous poem.

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