Drishti: A Poem about Focus

I. In order to maintain focus, choose your drishti:Hold your hands up to the skyIn mountainFocus on your thumbAnd balance: breatheThe stillnessFeel the calmnessBalance peace, release, serenity. II. Focus on your browboneLet your gaze sink backInto skull-socketsSee the colour at the edge of lightBehind your eyelids:Spiritual eyes openPhysical eyes closedTo glimpse the light which brings... Continue Reading →

To the Sea, again

500 metres down the road, you call to meBut I can't go to you, so I've been toldStill I'll return some dayYes, some day I'll return to you again What a comfort you have been to meIn times of trouble, in moments of great painAnd to watch your colours change as day grows oldIs comfort... Continue Reading →

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