Ode to the Alpine Flowers

I do not yet know you by nameBut by your colours and your rarityFor neither do you know how you are calledNor know your fame:What’s good for you is good enough for me. You clothe the meadows high amongst the clouds:That realm of air; that airy realm of hopeFar high above the clamouring cries and Curses... Continue Reading →

The Trilobite – a #Poem about Time

420 million years of historyGeologyDeep timeHeld in the palmOf my warm-blooded hand And I find when I hold this fossilRelic of the ancient earthOnce livingPetrified, preservedThat time means nothing: You were a 'happy, happy living thing'You served your timeBecame a piece of earthI took you from the basket in a fossil shopLabelled ‘420 million years’... Continue Reading →

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