Sonnet on the Sava Bohinjka

Your crystal waters plummet from their sourceat Slap Savica: powerful, rainbow-paintinghere at the origin, you find your voiceand down into the valley, let it sing silently, reflectively at firstin limpid pools and under boulders, whispersecrets to serenely sleeping Earthand those who would disturb her quiet slumber not out of ignorance, to aggravatebut hoping to hear... Continue Reading →

Ode to the Alpine Flowers

I do not yet know you by nameBut by your colours and your rarityFor neither do you know how you are calledNor know your fame:What’s good for you is good enough for me. You clothe the meadows high amongst the clouds:That realm of air; that airy realm of hopeFar high above the clamouring cries and Curses... Continue Reading →

The Trilobite – a #Poem about Time

420 million years of historyGeologyDeep timeHeld in the palmOf my warm-blooded hand And I find when I hold this fossilRelic of the ancient earthOnce livingPetrified, preservedThat time means nothing: You were a 'happy, happy living thing'You served your timeBecame a piece of earthI took you from the basket in a fossil shopLabelled ‘420 million years’... Continue Reading →

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