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Incontinent we come into this world;incontinent we leave it:defenceless, cradled inour mother’s arms. Trailing clouds of heavenstreaks of sunsetstreaming down the cheeksof those whose hearts we leave love-lorn. And those who find themselves unloved, incontinentare cradled in a heavenly embrace they left this world too soonor lingered, too-long lonelytheir footsteps arenot difficult to trace by One who... Continue Reading →

The Quarantine Diaries 28: The Road Not Taken

One of the few failings of my undergraduate English Literature Course was that the creators of the syllabus interpreted English Literature not as Literature written in English, but as Literature written in England (or Ireland, Scotland and Wales.) To study American Literature written in English, you had to take a separate course in 'American Studies,'... Continue Reading →

Poetry won’t save you: A Poem about God

'God does not exist'My husband saidMy father saidThe people said'God does not exist, neither the tooth fairy, nor Santa Claus''God does not exist?' I countered, 'tell me thenPlease tell me, if you canWhat does exist?' 'Reason' they answered, 'andEmpirically proven facts:'We can prove the earth is round; the universe, expandingA vast explosion out of nothing... Continue Reading →

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