Guest post: ‘Leap’ by Cyril Joseph

Here we all are at the edge of this very moment, so desperate to feel something, anything at all, that we romanticize everyone and everything around us. Falling into each other and obsessing about the past, to avoid looking into ourselves, as we fall off the edge of this very moment, onto the edge of the next. Tumbling down without being able to get a hold, in this jumbled up jigsaw, praying for a gig to keep your mind off of it, to subdue the rage against the machine, to distract from the inevitable oblivion.

In this land of unwavering resolute, time plays tricks on you. Dire mistakes made, harsh lessons learned, or so you might think, but there is no right or wrong, there exists no honor or turpitude. There is no record of the times we tried, but the only disgrace would be to have not tried at all. Everything in its entirety will go on without you, the only question that remains is, do you want to be left behind?

Itโ€™s never too late to start, and there is no concept of early, for your world begins happening only when you begin to try. This existential angst that you feel, probably never goes away, but it is time to partake in your life. You have been victim to your voluntary analysis paralysis. Leap, for you have gazed at the abyss for long enough. Leap, because your autopilot will not do it for you. Leap, because youโ€™re never going to know if you will fall or fly till you do. Leap!

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