How quickly and how slowly pass the years

How quickly and how slowly pass the years:the surf, rolling, roars in, the surge sucks sandreceding, washed with tidal waves and tears. The children wait for summer; winter’s thaw that seemed to take forever, melts the land.How slowly, yet how quickly pass the years. Two bodies grown together, loving, dearwalk out into the sunset, hand... Continue Reading →

Starling Companion

Starling companions crowd the picnic table,pied wagtail hops along his waggle-dance,seagulls strut, searching for scraps of chips beside the bench:it’s spring, when all the earth wakes from a trance. Two magpies’ courtship heralds balmy summerunfolding with the turning of the yearwhile April winds blow blossoms: gently falling, petalled rainfallwhispering, still, for all the world to... Continue Reading →

We Crown The Wrong Things King

Money, power, wealth and status: we crown the wrong things King.Simple laughter, human kindness past considering. Gas-guzzling cars, communitiesgated, to shut out love:we crown the wrong things king, we say,‘Ordained by God above.’ The things we do best, with our hearts;our art, our joy, our songdevalued, shunned, not set apart:we crown the wrong things King. So, on... Continue Reading →

A few pennies…

A few pennies to rub together berries, for the coming winterbottled, labelledplaced upon a shelf Like preserved cherries,pears or quincescompassed, weighed:a measured year of dearth*  As at a birth or Coronationprofit margins, revelation:alas, we lackthe will to save ourselves. In pedalling the petalled roadI shoulder my weight of the loadput my foot down:release it to the... Continue Reading →

A Garden, full of Birdsong

A garden, full of birdsong, bathes my mind,levelling out the aches, and furrowed creases;the iron grasp of winter lies behind, as daffodils light up the children’s faces. The meadowlark and sparrow greet the daywhile swallows on the wing, returning, flourish:The song thrush and the gentle-footed jaymake busy at their nests, their young to nourish. Lapwings, in... Continue Reading →

All these signs of spring

Trees burst into blossom and birds dance on the wingas happiness forgotten comeswith all these signs of spring. I ride out under billowed skieswelcome the sun, risingwhile April rains wash winter painsaway, at signs of spring. Forget-me-nots and daisies brighten all the hedgerow’s length:with all these signs of spring returnrenewed, my hope and strength. © 2023 Continue Reading →

Where Only Love Exists

There is a place where only love existsbeneath the magic of your fingertips till all I feel is unencumbered joy,a wide-eyed pilgrim, Iseek succour herewhere only love exists. In the mossy clefts of a steep-sided valley through undergrowth, to overarching skywhere larks ascendand ravens wendtheir ragged-wingéd wayhere in this place where only love exists. On the high path... Continue Reading →

Cadralor for rebirth

I. Prickles under the skin:stirring back to liferebirth, awakening Alleluia (alleluia)Amen (amen). II. The path, precipitousis a switchback staircaseits yawning emptiness instils more awethan the high crag. III. 'I lost a lot of blood on the table'she said, 'I was tabled,'I said, 'I was scheduled'I said 'no':I bleed, I dance. IV. Feathers, flowers and silk screensall those... Continue Reading →

Sigh, sough, bend low…

Sigh, sough, bend low,sing a song of sorrow:I hold your branchand feel the wrenchof what may come tomorrow. Reach high, shield eyejoin hands above me:your branches barein bud this yearand ever after? Maybe. I yearn, will learnto spring forth like brackenunderfoot,like peat, like sootI pray to green, not blacken. © 2023 All Rights Reserved. Written... Continue Reading →

The day I didn’t get the operation

The surgery was scheduled. I thought I could cure all my ills with some skilful application of the surgeon's knife. I thought who I was, was so bad, it must be cut out, silenced - prevented from harming myself and others. Truth is, I mostly only ever hurt myself. Truth is, I love myself, respect... Continue Reading →

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