Queen of the last line #poetry #dVerse

Queen of the last lineof defence, I stakean arrow through your heartmost cupid-likeand wait for you to feel it. Direct hit: you are fallingunder my powerful spellit may lead you to heavenor drag you down to hell:don’t say you didn’t want it. Queen of the last linedrawing a circle around you, and drawing you inthere’s... Continue Reading →

My heart is iron #poetry #earthweal

My heart is ironmy blood is red like yoursbut unlike yours, it's incandescentglowing wild with its own heat and light. My lungs are green:you are a cancer, killing healthy tissue untilall that's left behind is charred to ash. My surface is71% water, more than you need to survive, and yetyou feel you have the right... Continue Reading →

Patchwork #poetry for Kerfe Day!

We are patchwork, wea constellation of colourslighting children’s eyesso many shades and blades of grassin blue skies, bright orclouded grey and whiteblossoming, bloomingbursting forthin springtime meadow-light. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved April has been extended! By Paul Brookes of The Wombwell Rainbow. He has hosted a special ekphrastic challenge for the month of April as part... Continue Reading →

Incontinent #poetry #poem

Incontinent we come into this world;incontinent we leave it:defenceless, cradled inour mother’s arms. Trailing clouds of heavenstreaks of sunsetstreaming down the cheeksof those whose hearts we leave love-lorn. And those who find themselves unloved, incontinentare cradled in a heavenly embrace they left this world too soonor lingered, too-long lonelytheir footsteps arenot difficult to trace by One who... Continue Reading →

Puente/Bridge #poetry #dVerse

Feelings well, and who can tellif they will stay, or leave usimpetuous, we try our bestto bridge the space between us ~ Hacemos un puente pues ~ Emotions flow, and who can knowif ever they will returnto what they were, or if they area bridge forever burnt. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse Merril... Continue Reading →

Maypole dance #poetry #earthweal

Take hands with me and dance around the sun,around the earth, whose wakening has begun,around the tapestry-beribboned polebut most of alltake hands with me and dance. Join hearts with me and sing a song of springof flowers bursting forth, of earth’s renewal,join voices with the chirping birds and bees a-busyingbut most of alljoin hearts with... Continue Reading →

I’m a pest #poetry #dVerse

I’m a pest, I’m a pest, anapestically speakingfor I rhyme every timewithout pausing or breaking each monotonous linewith a flick of the keys:I can drone on for hourswriting stanzas like these; but I like a good metrethat’s as firm as it’s strongand as swiftly rememberedas your best-hated song; so will someone please stop mebefore I’m sent... Continue Reading →

Tireless #poetry for Earth Day 2021

I am tireless in fighting for my children’s futureand that of every creature on this earth: tireless in fighting to defend all of naturenot only now, in perpetuity.  I am tireless for the cause of poetryever-believing it returns to us humanity; tireless in calling outthe lies, backhanders, thepolitical ties, blindsiding. I am tireless with the tellers of the truthwho... Continue Reading →

Flood #poetry #dVerse

When it rains in my heart let the sunshine fill yoursand my heart will be lightin lonely restless hoursand when the sun shines bright on youI pray for rain to fill my heartfull as a water buttoverflowing a river of loveto flood the space between us. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse Laura is hosting... Continue Reading →

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