Bewitched pigsflaming leavesbent, twisted twigs,a wind which weaves,mourns, moans of melodyhaunts with its poetryhand-in-hand you-and-mewalking a gold-coin trimmed alleythrough the cold veil of autumn. All this heat and symmetry remembered, how thebreath peals, wreathed in mistencircling thissacred geometry. Today is heavy:Rain falls and you aren't hereI call up the crystal screenstare hard into andthrough the ubiquitous... Continue Reading →

A Video Poem from ‘Three-Penny Memories’

It has been an exciting week following the launch of Barbara Harris Leonhard's debut poetry collection, Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir. The book reached the #1 New Release slot in Family Poetry, making this another EIF bestselling title! Huge congratulations to Barbara on this well-deserved accolade: No.1 New Release in Family Poetry! To celebrate the... Continue Reading →

Hie Me to a Hollow

The news is grim:Austerity bitesfuel poverty enriches black gold cofferswe need to use less, use lessuseless to try and stop them.Will their fortunes restore all that we have lost?They wouldn’t care to:Let’s extract and extract and all the while distract the masses with trivia(forgetting we're all freezing here)create paradise in a bubbleretreat into it.When the... Continue Reading →

Bewcastle Pilgrimage

This high and lonely landscapelays no claim to grandeur only majesty:magnetic resonanceschime the air, to wake still silent Cuthbert’s bells to tolling The Black and White Lynea two-pronged divining rodmeet north of Roweltownforming the Lyne, follow the linealways the line So I am drawn here,time and time again,at threshold momentslife’s magnetic compass,always pointing North God bless this sacred... Continue Reading →


Undercurrents of a weeping worldswirl above black watersbeneath the trees, I whisper pleasI love you Eddying down to who-knows-wherethe eye of a storm’s dead certaintywith death, the singularity that takes you Flowers float the River StyxThe Ferryman emerges froma three-decades-long mist, insistsI’ve missed you I light a candle in a cellleave blooms before the river’s swellthe... Continue Reading →

Tolling Bells

And all we hear are tolling bellstelling fortunes, wishing wellswell-wishers washed in pools of tearsall eyes and earsall eyes and ears Are turned towards the funeral the heart has had its coronal*as silence ends the reign of yearsthe sky rains tears the sky rains tears We listen at the close of dayfor birdsong, as a lullabyreturns us to... Continue Reading →

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