Rich Bum/Poor Man: #dVerse Quadrille

Yesterday on the bus my kids sang:‘All day long I’d biddy-biddy BUM!If I were a wealthy MAN.’On the way homeWe passed a man sleeping in a doorway:Better by far to be a rich bumThan a freezing poor Man. Written in response to dVerse: Quadrille #110: Shall we bum around a bit? For some reason, my kids... Continue Reading →

Silly Bitch and Wash-yer-Face: An Urban Legend

Silly Bitch and Wash-yer-FaceUsed to live a few houses down the road:They had a strange relationship And shouted at my cat.Perhaps they were second-cousinsOnce-removed from one another; Or maybe not as far removed as that:Silly Bitch talked like she had a mouthFilled up with cotton wool, whileWash-yer-Face didn't ever talk, but grunted. I made up many stories as... Continue Reading →

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