Rich Bum/Poor Man: #dVerse Quadrille

Yesterday on the bus my kids sang:
โ€˜All day long Iโ€™d biddy-biddy BUM!
If I were a wealthy MAN.โ€™
On the way home
We passed a man sleeping in a doorway:
Better by far to be a rich bum
Than a freezing poor Man.

Written in response to dVerse: Quadrille #110: Shall we bum around aย bit? For some reason, my kids love the song ‘If I were a Rich Man’ from Fiddler on the Roof:

I think it’s the pure over-the-top theatricality of it, and of course, the word ‘bum!’ Thanks to Whimsygismo for this delightful prompt! I had to rush to take part so I didn’t fall behind…

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  1. I loved the film ๐Ÿ™‚
    Most of us would rather be rich and alive that poor and dead, even if it means being a bum. Not sure what that is exactly, but if the rich shared, maybe the poor wouldn’t freeze to death. Just an idea.

    1. It’s a great idea and one I wish the rich cared more about. But it’s easy to ignore people freezing in the street from a nice warm mansion!

  2. I’ll be humming “If I were a rich man” for the reset of the day. (biddy biddy bum).

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