Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #20

Celebrating 20 weeks of guest posts at EIF this week, Don and the FCS team bring you another thought-provoking trilogy! Meanwhile, his feline friend Priscilla is tasked with keeping the birds from Don's coffee, with limited success... Miracle Man You don't accept a warming EarthWhich scientists say is soYet happily accept a miracle man2000 years... Continue Reading →

Poetry won’t save you: A Poem about God

'God does not exist'My husband saidMy father saidThe people said'God does not exist, neither the tooth fairy, nor Santa Claus''God does not exist?' I countered, 'tell me thenPlease tell me, if you canWhat does exist?' 'Reason' they answered, 'andEmpirically proven facts:'We can prove the earth is round; the universe, expandingA vast explosion out of nothing... Continue Reading →

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