Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #20

Celebrating 20 weeks of guest posts at EIF this week, Don and the FCS team bring you another thought-provoking trilogy! Meanwhile, his feline friend Priscilla is tasked with keeping the birds from Don’s coffee, with limited success…

Miracle Man

You don’t accept a warming Earth
Which scientists say is so
Yet happily accept a miracle man
2000 years ago

Don Matthews February 2020

God is on The Web

God is on the web
Waiting for your prayer
You’ll find there is no video link
Skype or live chat there

If your faith is good and strong
God’s service is profound
But if you are an atheist
Click link says ‘no page found’

Don Matthews February 2020

The Singer and the Storm

The screen above the singer
Flashed thunder, lightening, doom
When suddenly, from nowhere,
Real lightening, thunder, boom

The rain came down in torrents
Electric circuits blew
Custom made piano
On stage, left all drenched through

All poncho’d and protected
The singer led away
OK, but just bit shaken
Another Elton day

Don Matthews February 2020

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