A Turkey called Boris #poetry #dVerse

There once was a turkey called Boris and he stood on his head in a forest of sycophantic imbeciles brown-tongued, benighted ne’er-do-wells who brought their New Year offerings  to the turkey called Boris And he gobbled and gandered, guffawingto his followers, dizzied, unknowingthat a turkey, overstuffed and plump could never hope to tax, nor trump... Continue Reading →

The Dustbin of my Dreams

After so long waiting, I had finally arrived. I had coveted the dustbin for years: stainless steel; easy-clean; antibacterial. Best of all was the footpedal which meant you would never have to touch it, except to take the bag out. This would be contained within an odour-eliminating, sleekly streamlined plastic capsule. The insanitary sanitised once... Continue Reading →

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