A Turkey called Boris #poetry #dVerse

There once was a turkey called Boris
and he stood on his head in a forest
of sycophantic imbeciles
brown-tongued, benighted ne’er-do-wells
who brought their New Year offerings 
to the turkey called Boris

And he gobbled and gandered, guffawing
to his followers, dizzied, unknowing
that a turkey, overstuffed and plump
could never hope to tax, nor trump
nor guide the country by its rump
to a ditch, overflowing

With sewery-stench and with stagnant
waters filthily putrid, repugnant
with reptile-politician-clans
those myopic, self-seeking bands
who had no qualms in attending
soirées, outlawed, abundant

Till one day that turkey called Boris
no longer could hide in the forest
of blatantly deceptive lies
which severed even party ties
they cut him lose: his underlings
stuffed the turkey called Boris!

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Written for dVerse

Tonight, Björn is calling for nonsense poetry, which, he explains, was often used for political satire in times gone by. How could I resist such a prompt? Sometimes the truth is more ridiculous than fiction…

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  1. Ah, I see you’re a bit iffy about our dear ‘leader’ then…..!Oh I LAUGHED…I laughed already in delight at the title, and loved the read, very much, in fact I think it should be sent to number 10, they could have a ‘work event’ piss up in the garden about it, or course greedy Boris might not read it, with all that booze around to quaff….but everyone else would have a grand time<<!

      1. for now! He has already stated he plans on running in 2024. I hope all of his magate followers have died of covid before then.

      2. Oh I hope not, Ingrid 🙁 Seriously, nobody in their right mind would vote for him, but so many are not. The propaganda kool-aid that so many drink is shocking.

  2. A wonderful slam at Populists all, would-be dictators, and cowardly strong men. I kept away from the politics this time, but I loved that your pen was like a poetic scalpel.

  3. Ha ha ha — I am laughing through gritted teeth Ingrid. Recent years must have begun the era of moronic leadership. Boris & Trump! Tweedle dee & Tweedle dum… 🙄

  4. And how do you really feel about him? I suspect it’s similar to the way I feel about another yellow-haired turkey still befouling the US… you know, the one you sorta mentioned! This poem gave me a chuckle, Ingrid, even though the situation is deadly serious! Take care!

  5. Oh you clever lady. What a treat to imbibe me in with this one. Loved it all, especially this: he gobbled and gandered, guffawing to his followers…
    Imbibe I say, as I just got done reading Darius the mate who recited something after going bar hopping with his buddies. His words put me in a good place. And then I stop here at yours and you sobered me.
    Makes me think of someone I know, only I cannot put my finger on who this Boris could be.
    It’ll come to me. I know. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it. (laughing still)

      1. You’ve been unwell. Oh, forgive. I didn’t know.
        And I went and did something stupid: wrote you two too long comments. Ignore me. Cut off my head for being so insensitive. Pray forgive.

  6. Well done. This is a great response to this challenge. I’d like to write a similar one about our PM here in Australia but her is a such an incompetent liar egotist words fail me. 🙂

      1. True! I did have a go at writing something but couldn’t make it work – too busy with other projects I suspect. I admire yours though. 😊

  7. poor boris, if ever there were a turkey who needs a comb or some hair gell, it’s boris. sorry, but the dude looks like an unmade bed. we have our own version of boris here in the states, so i feel your pain. i giggled all the way thru this ingrid, well done!

  8. I love the way you have written this Ingrid and it makes awful sense (if I can put it like that) like our dotty Scotty, I think they might be related as foul fowl go. well said indeed.

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