Postcards from Slovenia #1: Gorje Parish Church

While waiting to move in to our new home in Slovenia, we have been staying in the village of Zgornje Gorje just above Lake Bled. Outside the window of the Studio Špica tourist apartment, we have a wonderful view of the Gorje Parish Church. It is typical of churches in the North of Slovenia, having a whitewashed bell-tower bordered with frescoes, and an ornate rooftop spire topped by a weathervane.

Wake-up call

Gorje Church from Studio Špica

Today is Saturday, and at 7am the loud peal of church bells rang out through the village: ding-dang-dong ding-dang-dong ding-dang-dong for the best part of 10 minutes. The kids had already woken me up, of course, but I don’t suppose there was any chance of a lie-in for anyone in the vicinity. It was a beautiful sound, nonetheless, and I realised I hadn’t been woken by the peal of church bells since my childhood. I used to hear the bells of All Saints Church in Cockermouth on Sunday mornings when I was staying at my Auntie’s house. I used to love that sound. Maybe this is something that’s been lost in a Britain that’s becoming increasingly secular. Here in the North of Slovenia, the Church seems an integral part of daily life, as the bells toll the hour and ring out every evening to summon the faithful to worship.

Inspired by the view

Sunset seen from Studio Špica

Forgive the pun, but the church with its stunning mountain backdrop has inspired me to find out more: when was it built? Are the bells motorised, or do they have bell ringers? What is the roof made out of? How do you get to the tower at the top, and what is its purpose? I will try to find out more about the churches in the area for a later project. In the meantime, I can recommend Studio Špica if you plan to visit Lake Bled: it’s around a 10-minute drive to the Lake, so you will need your own transport, but it has a wonderfully peaceful setting away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist town. There is a supermarket 2 minutes’ walk away, and the apartment is well-equipped, clean and bright with stunning views as seen in these photos. It is suitable for up to four people as it has a double bed and a double sofa-bed. Guests also receive a 20% discount at the Špica Restaurant in Bled town, which is one of the best in the area and situated right by the lake. It’s a popular haunt of former Slovenian Olympic rowing stars and full of memorabilia commemorating the achievements of the Slovenian rowing team.

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  1. You describe your new home wonderfully Ingrid. I too remember the Sunday morning church bells from the village home of my youth in Somerset! Just the Sunday mind you. We lived next door, so the bells were loud and seemed to go on forever! Have lots of fun investing won’t you! 😃

  2. Beautiful place and great photos Ingrid! The bells must be wonderful to hear in the morning, idyllic.

    I’ll bet there isn’t a gremlin within a hundred miles of Zgornje Gorje!


  3. Ahh..!! Such a quaint, idyllic Slovenian town..!! It’s so peaceful and lovely.. <3 <3
    Would love to wake up in peace everyday in such a calm place amidst the ringing bells of the Historical Gorje Parish Church. It would feel as if I am transported back to the Age of Kings..!! 😊😊
    Thank you once again Madam for sharing the hidden gems of Slovenia.. <3

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