Postcards from Slovenia #50: Sunset over Piran

A whole 50 postcards since I started sending them out in June last year! That’s around one per week. I’m celebrating by taking things a little easy, and sharing some images of sunset over the Venetian town of Piran, which lends itself well to the colours of evening…

medieval wall
Fortification on the Old Town Walls (Medieval)
Sunset over the route of the Old Town Walls
Clock Tower
Clock Tower of St George’s Church
Church tower, silhouette
The Clock Tower in silhouette
The dark side of St George’s Church
Tartini Square from the town walls
St George’s Churchyard
Evening light, Bay of Piran
Tartini Square with St George’s Church in the background
Entrance to Piran Harbour with lighthouse in the distance
Lighthouse in close-up
A lone boat sails out into the sunset

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Srečno pot!

29 thoughts on “Postcards from Slovenia #50: Sunset over Piran

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  1. Not only is there a dark side to the moon … but now we have a dark side to the church … sometimes I wonder about my minds imagination’s …

    1. Actually you wouldn’t be far off…unfortunately this spot has witnessed many suicides because of the cliffs below the North wall.

      1. Oh … that’s not good … although I did notice that big wire fence and wondered, ‘what for’ …πŸ˜₯

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