Postcards from Slovenia #26: Logarska Dolina

You will find the pristine glacial valley of Logarska Dolina hidden away in Slovenia’s Kamnik-Savinja Alps to the north of Ljubljana. Unlike the tourist hotspots of the Julian Alps, this area boasts no lakes nor flashy tourist resorts: there are only lush meadows, crystal clear rivers and steep soaring mountains rising almost vertically from the valley floor. This should be more than enough to satisfy any lover of Alpine scenery, who is searching for a little peace and quiet off the main tourist trail.

Travelling to Logarska Dolina

The Kamnik-Savinja Alps

The journey to Logarska Dolina is itself enchanting: from Ljubljana you head north towards the town of Kamnik, which lies in the foothills of the towering and majestic Kamnik-Savinja Alps. From here the road begins to wind steeply into an unfolding fairytale landscape, passing through the delightfully named town of Luče (‘the Lights’). To me, the name conjures up images of elven spirits carrying lanterns about the town to light the streets at night. Just beyond Luče you will pass the natural geological feature of Igla, ‘the Needle,’ a rock pinnacle supposedly hurled down to the valley floor by an angry giantess who pricked her finger whilst sewing. This landscape lends itself very easily to fairytales.

The road follows the course of the Savinja river to the town of Solčava, after which you will soon see the road signposted left into Logarska Dolina. There is a charge to enter the valley by car (currently €7), which is aimed to limit road traffic and protect the natural environment. Guests of hotels in the valley are exempt from the charge.

What to do in Logarska Dolina

Slap Rinka

The 7km long valley offers ample opportunities for walking, Alpine hiking, cycling or simply relaxing. If you want an easy walking route, follow the marked trail through the valley along the course of the Savinja river, ending with a climb to its source at the Slap Rinka (Rinka Waterfall) for a little more of a challenge. If you want to access the Alpine peaks of the area, follow the marked trail from the Hotel Na Razpotju to the Koča pri Klemenči Jami mountain hut. This is a delightful and dramatic walk in itself, passing through a man-made tunnel in the rock and over dramatic wooden ladder-bridges. Be careful with small children here as there are some steep exposed sections of path.

If you are visiting with small children, they will love the Fairytale Forest within the grounds of the Hotel Na Razpotju. There is an entrance fee unless you are a guest of the hotel. I can highly recommend the hotel for families as it is child-friendly (there is even a playroom for kids) and serves an excellent breakfast. One bedroom has a bathroom with a mountain panorama: taking a bath with this backdrop as scenery is a memorable experience!

If you are planning to visit Logarska Dolina, book your accommodation well in advance as the options are limited. Alternatively, you can stay in one of the tourist farms nearby (more on this next time).

As always, you can find more photos from the area by visiting my Instagram page. Follow the tag ‘Postcards from Slovenia’ and stay tuned for further adventures!

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