Postcards from Slovenia #32: Autumn in Bohinj

I wanted to bring you another visual post today, because at the moment where we are the Autumn colours are simply breathtaking. I don’t think my camera or my words can really do them justice, but I will try. These photos were taken in the Bohinj area last week:

Lake with forest
Reflections, Lake Bohinj
Autumn colours, lake
Autumn leaves on the lakeshore
Autumn colours
Shrubbery alight with Autumn colour
Autumn leaves, river
The Sava Bohinjka river
River, trees, autumn
Bridge over the Sava Bohinjka
Autumn colours, church, lake
Church of St John the Baptist

On one of these visits to Bohinj, we witnessed a landslide. I also wrote a poem about this.

For more images of Autumn in Bohinj, check out my Instagram Page. Stay tuned for more Postcards from Slovenia…

Ostanite zdravi!

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