Postcards from Slovenia #33: Autumn in Bled

The leaves have all but turned to brown or fallen by now, but what a stunning display of colour they went through in their final days. Especially delightful is the range of colour visible through different altitudes, as Autumn comes slightly earlier or slightly later depending how high up the mountainside the trees grow. I didn’t realise how much of Slovenia’s woodland is deciduous until the leaves began to change. Here are some snapshots from in and around Lake Bled taken over the past fortnight:

Trees in fall
Russet-golden trees at the lakeshore
church seen through Autumn leaves
Bled Island
Lakeside reflections
Autumn trees by lakeshort
Ochre leaves fall by the lakeshore
Avenues of yellow trees
Crimson leaves
Blue moon risin’, Halloween night
Moonlight over the lake, Halloween
Reflections in the lake

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    1. The reflections are from a morning walk, the trees from a bike ride. I just use my iPhone but I’ve got a new one this week so hopefully the quality will be better!

      1. oh lovely! I’m still sitting in p.j.s If you miss 1 day of W.P. it’s a whole day making up for it.. lol. I have a 10 but I don’t think my pics are great. Hearing the 11 is awesome.. xo

      2. Those pics were taken on a 10 (except the night ones which were taken on Hubby’s 11) I now have my own 11 so should probably learn a but more about how to do photography properly!

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