This gift of flowers #haibun

The other day, we went for a walk with the kids in the evening. I pointed out the first daffodils to my youngest son. ‘This means that spring is here,’ I told him. ‘Oh, mammy!’ he said, ‘I got some flowers for you!’ In his pocket, a handful of squashed daisies. He’d picked them at nursery when they’d gone out for a walk. Thinking of his mammy, and what he could do to make her smile. As if every day spent with him was not already the purest gift. My elder son used to bring me stones from the school patio, selected for their beauty. Votive offerings. I am blown away by such gestures of immeasurable kindness:

This gift of flowers
small yet unconditional
token of true love.

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  1. A beautiful post. When the kids spontaneously pick flowers for us it means so much, other little offerings too.🧡

  2. I loved the spurng moment of the gift — I remember adoring my mother so, bringing a daffodil home for her, forgetting it, then later bestowing her with a wilted offering. Such magnitude of something there, for life – Well done!- Brendan

  3. Nothing more adorable than squashed flowers from a grandchild’s chubby fist. So very sweet. I love that he calls you Mammy!

  4. The little gifts like rocks and flowers and even moss from growing children are the purest token of love there is! Love how you express that here. 🙂

  5. Ingrid, wilted daisies are such a sweet a gift! The rocks are a little more durable! I still have a tiny sea shell on my dresser that was given to me by my niece when she visited me about 10 years ago, a hand-painted saucer made by my son when he was little, a fabric rose from the dollar store given to me on the first Mothers Day after we adopted our children 25 years ago…these types of things are the real treasures in life. Your lovely poem made me look around me at these remembrances and enjoy those moments once again. Thank you.

  6. Oh such a beautiful surprise to a mom so worthy of the tender hearted boys you’ve raised.
    This is soooo touching and I can imagaine your delight and lovely poem to go with it.

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