Solstice me, silly #haibun #dVerse

Surely this is the best time of year to be where I am, right here. I've never spent early summer on the Slovenian coast before. To go from Andalusia to Northern Slovenia last year was too much of a wrench, I felt that I'd been almost instantaneously robbed of summer. In southern Spain, this time... Continue Reading →

The lost tooth #haibun

I remember the first tooth you lost. It was Granollers Day, annual fair of the nearest big town. C’était un jour de fête was playing in my head. Too much beer and revelry and sure, I lost a piece of myself that day. Why do we cling on to childhood? I remember the first tooth... Continue Reading →

Night-blooming flowers #haibun #dVerse

Hellebores, primrose, bluebells, geranium, forget-me-not: how could I forget you? For our love bloomed in the heady time of late spring flowers, around the rising of the late-May moon. Scents of lavender and roses drifted on the air, as the Star of Bethlehem reflected the moon's splendour, shining white. Buttercups and poppies swayed in daytime... Continue Reading →

This golden moment #haibun #dVerse

The washing machine sloshes with a dim, somnolent hum, but that's not it. My heart pumps, blood also sloshes: if I close an ear, I can hear it. That's not it either. I draw breath, try to breathe the light, breathe out the darkness: is this it? Getting closer. Time spent in meditation is time... Continue Reading →

Cherry-blossom suburbs #haibun #dVerse

I remember cherry blossom blooming in London at around this time of year. How it enchanted the gardens of suburbia, transforming them from dull semi-detached '30s monotone to cotton-candy-coloured bowers of bliss. How the petals fell in the wind, twirling that dance they do, declaring 'Spring is here! Yes, even in the City, spring is... Continue Reading →

Web of deceit #haibun #Earthweal

I was almost too upset to write yesterday. I'd just watched the new Netflix documentary Seaspiracy, and I was horrified by the fact we are all being told to look the other way while the fishing industry plunders our seas with impunity. Mass fishing robs traditional fishermen of their livelihoods, creates more plastic pollution than... Continue Reading →

This gift of flowers #haibun

The other day, we went for a walk with the kids in the evening. I pointed out the first daffodils to my youngest son. 'This means that spring is here,' I told him. 'Oh, mammy!' he said, 'I got some flowers for you!' In his pocket, a handful of squashed daisies. He'd picked them at... Continue Reading →

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