The problem of Hollywood and #MeToo #IWD2021

Hollywood doesn’t love you for who you are
Hollywood only loves you for your youth
Hollywood isn’t interested in your character 
Hollywood will not let you speak your truth:
that’s the whole problem with the #MeToo movement,
a fundamental problem of society; 
we never see the fully-rounded person
only the person they have moulded us to be.
Don’t think you can be like Al Pacino,
with his turtle face and craggy attitude. 
Don’t think you can imitate de Niro
still going strong without having to go nude:
Hollywood only wants your TNA
it’s just the way
it’s always been till now
until we can convince moviegoers that we need to see
women not only blooming flowers, but fully formed,
that youth is not the only beauty 
and beauty is not the only truth
until we strive to be recognised as more
than scantily-clad masculine booty
for all those cries of ‘#MeToo’
we might just as well be mute.

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Another poem for International Women’s Day

Don’t get me wrong, I think the #MeToo movement has done some important work in raising awareness of sexual harassment and abuse, but I don’t think it’s come down hard enough on the way women are portrayed by the media in general, and Hollywood in particular. Women tend to disappear from the Silver Screen once they reach the advanced age of 30, and they are still more often than not portrayed as two-dimensional sex objects. I think if we are to make any real progress towards equality, we need to question society’s attitudes towards women, and start to show that women are every bit as multidimensional as men.

In an effort to do this, I want to celebrate one of Hollywood’s finest female actors: Frances McDormand. Here’s a classic scene from the Coen Brothers’ Fargo:

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  1. A fundamental problem has strong. roots, therefore to solve it we have cut the roots first. Providing quality and equal education to women all over the world is essential. Thank you for raising the issue. As a blogger, we have some responsibilities also. We can change the way people think by our writing power.
    I hope better tomorrow for us.😊

  2. Great Poem Ingrid! Such an important issue and so important to keep speaking up and out. So important to educate the woman and men in our lives! We’ve come along way and there’s so much more to go! 💖👏

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