Chronicles of Lockdownia #15: The Stone Castle

The Journey this far North has been graciously uneventful. In every town we stopped, we were welcomed. We vaccinated everyone we could, instructing them with joy that in a matter of weeks they would be able to step out into the sunshine and enjoy life in the Spring once more. Of course, this depends on my defeating Koronin, but I did not say this. Luckily, the rebel army’s ranks have swelled from every town within the Kingdom. From what I have witnessed, I note with relief that the evil Wizard must be surrounded only by a small retinue of loyal followers. I see no signs of any further advances South, after the formidable General Vector was defeated.

The Stone Castle

After two days’ march, we arrived at the abandoned Stone Castle (not a very imaginative name, I grant you, but such it is called). From here we laid the plans for our attack on Koronin’s Caer Pathogen. The Stone Castle, nestled at the foot of the still-snowcapped Northern mountains, is in a sorry state of disrepair. It is in dire need of a custodian. But I take heart from the fact that Koronin’s troops have not even the strength to encamp here. Their safety apparently lies in proximity to the Wizard and his evil magic.

I was pleased to gaze upon my Northern mountains once again. There was still snow on the high peaks, but the spring thaw was well and truly underway. The Castle keep remained intact at least, and here I consulted battle plans with Sir Nicholas, Hobbs and the leaders of the newly-recruited rebel clan.

Plan of Attack

I, who know this land best of all, know well the only way to take Caer Pathogen is to attack it from the lower Northwestern slopes. To the South and East there is only the sheer cliff face. We will force a siege on Koronin at any rate, should we not be able to break through his defences. We plan the attack for the dead of night; in the day time we will move under the cover of deep forest. I am grateful to my childhood spent exploring these woodlands, for I know every twist and turn of the pathways through the valley, better than Koronin and his cronies ever could.

And so, once more I take my leave of you. Wish me Godspeed, and I pray I will soon write once again.

To be continued…

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