Guest Post: Labor of Love by Laura Schmidt

Today, I'm very excited to bring you another wonderful short story from Laura Schmidt, creator of Voyage of the Mind. Visit Laura's newly revamped website for more short fiction and poetry, as well as many great factual pieces on topics ranging from ancient history to social media trends. There is something to delight every inquisitive... Continue Reading →

Story No.1

I found this scrawled into my copy of Joyce's Dubliners (one of the books I'd liberated from storage last weekend). I was immediately intrigued, because I couldn't remember writing it. It's not so much a story as a vignette, and I'm afraid it's not quite up there with Joyce in terms of literary merit. Still... Continue Reading →

Back to the Fiction I: A Novel Approach

I admit that with the current Covid-19 situation, I've digressed a bit from the normal remit of my website with some 'factual' pieces (in as much as anyone's personal diary can be considered 'factual.') It's high time, then, that I returned to some experimental fiction, and as such I'm posting the opening section of my... Continue Reading →

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