Chronicles of Lockdownia 16: Deep within the Dragon’s Lair

Dear Children,

I write to you from deep within the Dragon’s Lair, with heavy news. Though the news I write to you is sad, I do not want you to be sad for long.

I only write to say, I visited a Dragon yesterday. The Dragon needs my help to defeat the evil Wizard, Koronin. Together we must attack, but from the realm of the Sky. It is the only way. Once I enter that realm, I will not be able to return back to Earth.

One day we will meet again, I promise you, beloved children, in that realm of the Sky. It is bright and beautiful, and I am safe beside the gentle Dragon. And I am watching you every moment. I am with you always. Though you may not see my face for many years, look up into the clouds and know that I am there. And when night falls, know that I dwell amongst the stars, in flight around the constellations with my Dragon.

I know that you will cry, for it is a long time until we shall meet again, and for that same reason I cry as I write this. But once you have finished reading you must dry your eyes, go out into the world and wonder at the treasures of the Spring.

I will never leave you. You will grow up strong, and always with the force of truth and justice on your side. I kiss this letter before sealing it. Send me kisses on the air as you have so often done in happier times.

Your ever-loving Mother.

I seal the letter and hand it to a runner, praying he will never have to deliver it. Tomorrow we attack Caer Pathogen. Let this not be my final word!

To be continued…?

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  1. Your “Chronicles of Lockdownia” tales are so creative. I am smiling at the thought of you sharing these stories with your children. I love how you have turned our not-so-fun lockdown realities into creative fictional adventures. 👏🏻

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