Postcards from Slovenia #51: Slavnik in bloom!

When we climbed Slavnik at Easter, most of the flowers were not yet ready to bloom, as it was still rather cold at the summit. I knew we would have to return at the height of spring, when the hills would be alive in floral colour. We made the climb today, and were not disappointed! I saw and photographed so many flowers, I wanted to share the best images I have with you. I did not recognise all of the flowers, but have done my best to identify them using my iNaturalist app. Perhaps any botanically-minded people reading this might be able to help with the identification. I would be most grateful. Enjoy the flowers…

Wild rose
Elgantine/Wild Rose
Lily, orange
Wild Lily
Iris flower
Valerian flower, bee
Valerian Flower
Wild Strawberry
Not quite ripe!
Chamomile flower
Chamomile Flower
yellow wildflower
Peony in woods
Another peony!
lasiommata maera
Large Brown Wall Butterfly

Images © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

If you enjoyed this post, you can find more pictures from Slavnik on my Instagram grid. Stay tuned for more Postcards from Slovenia!

And here’s a song from my schooldays which seems particularly appropriate for today:

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      1. Loving it Cindy! 🌸 we went to Italy today, it was ridiculously exciting after being locked down so long 😅

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