Cloud #quadrille #dVerse

Cloud, like a smudge on the sky
high above Trieste, Italy.

Cloud, when you kissed me goodbye
in own my mind, taking over me.

Thick clouds of steam, as my eyes
tear up – Ah,

how they stream of goodbye! How they
smudge my mascara.

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Written for dVerse

Today Mish is hosting Quadrille, where we write poems of exactly 44 words. Today’s prompt word is ‘smudge.’ I am still feeling inspired by Trieste, so I imagined a couple parting after a whirlwind love affair, back in the days of steam travel. I imagine there would be smudges aplenty!

The photo is of a clock in the interior of Trieste Centrale station.

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  1. I like how you held onto the theme of tears and steam and learning where you were coming from and how the photo lends itself to the story makes it quite wonderful, Ingrid.

  2. Oh I like where your muse took you, the repetition of “cloud” and the light-hearted ending. I almost attached a photo of a pour soul’s smudged mascara in the prompt. I guess we’ve all been there.

  3. You know I love micro-poetry, Ingrid, and this is one of my favorite pieces from you! I love how you move beautifully from the clouds in the sky to the emotion in your smudged mascara.

  4. How beautifully written, Ingrid. The tears smudging mascara as the narrator recalls the affair and the goodbye, that was really poignant and heartbreaking. You can feel the pain there.

  5. So romantic and nostalgic. I like the repetition of “cloud” and the light-hearted ending. I almost included a photo of a poor soul’s smudged mascara. I guess we’ve all been there. 🙂

    1. “Mish”. The problem persists with posting a comment under my WordPress account…but only on your blog. Very strange.

  6. Still waiting for my husband to get home from Reserve training. I have had smudged mascara with his coming and going over the years and can relate to this! 💕

  7. Brilliant word-play Ingrid! You connected beautifully the smudge in the clouds and to that of your mascara. Twice to give emphasis to ‘smudge’


  8. Ah, two smudges in your “smudge” poem. Overachiever! 😆 Lovely and romantic writing.
    There is no stopping those tears, when they need to flow and take the mascara with them.

  9. This was so well done, Ingrid 🙂 – and I’m glad you explained the steam travel piece because I wouldn’t have quite understood it otherwise. When I read the explanation, everything fell into place for me!


  10. So evocative–love the cloud smudge and smudged mascara. I imagine them in an old black and white movie–but she’s definitely wearing red lipstick, along with the mascara. 😀

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