Queen of the last line #poetry #dVerse

Queen of the last lineof defence, I stakean arrow through your heartmost cupid-likeand wait for you to feel it. Direct hit: you are fallingunder my powerful spellit may lead you to heavenor drag you down to hell:don’t say you didn’t want it. Queen of the last linedrawing a circle around you, and drawing you inthere’s... Continue Reading →

Seeds of dissension #poetry #dVerse

Spreading seeds of dissensionwe gosowing them in fertile groundthey growthough they're nurturedwithin and below in the fertile soilof our imaginationseeds of doubt and seeds of indignation:weeds which choke serenitya stranglehold upon our peace of mind.  © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse Tonight, Merril is hosting Quadrille, and has asked us to write... Continue Reading →

Puente/Bridge #poetry #dVerse

Feelings well, and who can tellif they will stay, or leave usimpetuous, we try our bestto bridge the space between us ~ Hacemos un puente pues ~ Emotions flow, and who can knowif ever they will returnto what they were, or if they area bridge forever burnt. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse Merril... Continue Reading →

I’m a pest #poetry #dVerse

I’m a pest, I’m a pest, anapestically speakingfor I rhyme every timewithout pausing or breaking each monotonous linewith a flick of the keys:I can drone on for hourswriting stanzas like these; but I like a good metrethat’s as firm as it’s strongand as swiftly rememberedas your best-hated song; so will someone please stop mebefore I’m sent... Continue Reading →

Flood #poetry #dVerse

When it rains in my heart let the sunshine fill yoursand my heart will be lightin lonely restless hoursand when the sun shines bright on youI pray for rain to fill my heartfull as a water buttoverflowing a river of loveto flood the space between us. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse Laura is hosting... Continue Reading →

Why Bother? #poetry #dVerse

I often wonderwhy should I botherand whether it makes any difference when‘Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do’but anything other than fighting with every last breathfor this beloved, beleaguered earthwould be a crime of complacency. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse De is hosting Quadrille, and has asked us to write... Continue Reading →

Holding up the sky #poetry #dVerse

I wake up tired from yesterday spent holding up the sky;there’s seldom time to pause, or playor ever wonder why. I send the children off to school,another laundry loadis done, while I feel like a foolstill struggling down the road of holding up the sky each dayfor each and everyone who ever walks my weary wayafraid to... Continue Reading →

Curiosity Shop #prose #dVerse

There was a fireplace in my old bedroom, or rather, an empty space where a fireplace used to be. Except that the empty space had now been filled by a blue-and-white chest of drawers. Every night, I'd wait until the grown-ups were asleep and then I'd move them. Because only I knew that behind that... Continue Reading →

My ruthless uterus #poetry #PMDD

I don’t mean to complainabout my ruthless uterus but all the same(though I hate to make a fuss)periodically it drives mealmost insane. Ok it’s not reallythe uterus, butthe hormones triggeredby its cycles and not even really thatbut the actions of these hormones on the brain. Why is it always ‘the’ brain anyway?as if to say we... Continue Reading →

Why? a reverse #quadrille

Well, I do mean to smile about water;the solution was never ‘You oughtatake more than one glass!'Whysay notif you really did not want to know?Rewind the tape, pleasefast-forward to whereyou losewine-addledflat on your ass! © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved I must be a glutton for punishment... Tonight, Lisa is hosting dVerse Poetics, and has asked us... Continue Reading →

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