All in the blood #poetry #dVerse

Tracing the origins of human hatewe wonder if this desperate stateis bloodborne If our desire to hurt and maim,outsiders who are not the sameis bloodlust sparked within when we are bornfrom mother’s womb we’re cut or tornin bloodbath. To trace such origins of gallwe need our wits and wherewithal:a bloodhound who alone can tracea spark... Continue Reading →

Tears of Ash #poetry #dVerse

The first people to inhabit this landwere the last to leave it:they weptfor their families felledby invaders' disease.They wept at the felling of the trees.When the bomb destroyed the skythey finger-painted on their cheekstears of ash. © 2021 All Rights Reserved. Featured image: Image by Norman Bosworth from Pixabay Written for dVerse Tonight, Sarah is... Continue Reading →

Gratitude list #poetry #poem

For all the blessings of my lifeI’m truly grateful: for my children, hopes and dreams,my family For the light of day, the stars at nighta place of shelter, food to eatI’m grateful .For my alternating health and illness teaching me so much about myself I’m grateful. For more than two years of sobriety, for getting my kicks naturally I’m grateful.For all the... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Suffering #poetry #dVerse

I’ve been doing a lot of suffering lately though I often hear it saidlife couldor shouldbe fun‘Shouldawouldacoulda’that’s what I say:beautiful suffering that’s the life for me;the artists way. Beautiful suffering,like dying sunlight raysover the mountains;like the break of daywhich almost splits itself apart with yearning,but what’s sweeter than thatbeautiful suffering when you bleedinto the pageand make it sing?... Continue Reading →

Some scenes from my life #dVerse #Cadralor

1.Borrowdale rain singsdancing on slate-grey rooftop a rainbow paints the sky 2.London’s fields echowith the sound of children playingall the colours of joy 3.Barcelona’s patchwork streetsbewilder before welcomingTrencadís enchantment 4.Malaga seethes mirage upon marblethe sea softly sighs 5.Clouds hang over Istriastormwinds cry in choruswhere are you now? © 2021 All Rights Reserved. Another Cadralor for dVerse This... Continue Reading →

Anthropocene Cadralor #poetry #dVerse

The wind sweeps over the Gulf of Triestethey say it will be storm force by morningclouds scud with anticipationrains fail to fall.When I was in school, during heavy rainswe spent 'wet playtime' reading comic bookscross-legged on the parquet floorof the school hall.Will we be home for Christmas?I wonder, then I laugh at myself rememberingbeing home... Continue Reading →

Stoned Love #quadrille #dVerse

One day I'll be immortalisedjust like Prešeren my statue in the town squarewill gaze longingly at your head carved in stoneupon a building opposite  eternally, while tourists pauseto read the tale belowof how I never did get over you. © 2021 All Rights Reserved. A flight of fancy for dVerse Tonight, De is hosting Quadrille, and has... Continue Reading →

Earth-songs, a Zéjel #poetry #dVerse

This morning, upon wakeningthe day's beginning welcomingI sought a different song to sing. I listened to the birds outsidewhose joy it would be hard to hideand wondered how I might abidewithout such gentle carolling. I listened to the cricket-songwhich stayed with me the whole day longand even once the day was gonecontinued, faintly murmuring. I... Continue Reading →

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