This Fascist Tide – #poetry #protest #dVerse

Can we stem this Fascist tide?Weathered faces dimmed with pridestand as oneunited in hatred:‘We shall overcome,’words we once saidwhen we believed that we could make a difference. Can we swim this Fascist tide?It's crashed into the US and Brazil tsunami-like, All-but submerged the once-United Kingdom,And now bursts its banks all over Central Europe.Can we swim... Continue Reading →

Child of Our Time – #poetry #dVerse

There’s a girl who sleepsunder the EarthWho has never yet dared to draw breathShe imagines the skyfull of creatures that flyAnd the grass decked with flowersand ferns. In the bosom of Earth she is safe:Grounded, firm-fixedand sereneAnd she doesn’t dare wakefrom the wisdom of sleepWhere she’s curtained and shieldedfrom pain But in that strange sleep... Continue Reading →

Moonstruck: #dVerse Prosery

I always check in on my children through the night. I did it constantly, pathologically even, the first time around. I’d been terrified by tales of ‘cot death’ and thought that if I didn’t check in on my newborn every five minutes he might die as a result of my neglect. Once I had my... Continue Reading →

Eaves dropping – #poetry #dVerse

Falling from the eavesDropping downLike rain-bursts, fire-cracked beamsFall to the barn floor asI eavesdrop from a distance:Fire devouring everythingWe worked all of our lives forAnd they say it was a cigaretteNot climate changeThat started it. Written for dVerse Quadrille #111, hosted by Kim who has given us the prompt 'eavesdropping.' I used the prompt to... Continue Reading →

The Land of Ex-girlfriends: #poetry #dVerse

I’ll wear my swishing, stunning skirt todaybecause todayI’m going to the land of ex-girlfriends: they wear their skin tan;their hair pinned to perfection;their nails manicured impeccably; I’m morelike a manmy appearance doesn’t own meI trythen I loose interest; miss a beatand they’ll be outthose ex-girlfriends from every corner of the street they'll comewanting my husband’s salaryand all the things I didn’t... Continue Reading →

The Cunning Linguist – #dVerse #poetry

Linguistics is a sexy subjectAnyone who would disagree Should listen to this:LabialDentalPalatalFricativeLabio-velar GIt’s the science of how we speakSo it must have a little to doWith the things that make us tick:It’s easy you seeIt’s all doneWith a flickOf the tongue.I’m British so I’m afraid That’s about as sexy as it’s going to get:Now I’m off to... Continue Reading →

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