First Kiss #poetry #dVerse + WIH update!

As I browse through the catalogueof our enchanted moments,I cast my mind back to that first kiss: Bliss! So chaste and pure, yet shot through withthe promise of much more So happy we have come this far:have come to this. © 2022 All Rights Reserved. Written for dVerse Tonight, Linda hosts quadrille, where we write... Continue Reading →

Caw, blimey! #poetry #dVerse

Caw, blimey, guv’nor:What a pair of…eyesI’ve never seen the likes, and such a size!They’d make a handsome meal for my hatchlings! Caw blimey guv’nor:What a stinking corpsesmells good to me, no reason for remorse:Dry eyes, full belly. Caw, blimey, guv’nor!Is that doll out therein yonder field, with straw for hairsupposed to scare me? Caw blimey, guv’nor:What’s... Continue Reading →

Lover’s Lullaby #dVerse #Quadrille

Sleep, lover, near megently, doand in your arms, I'll dream a dream of you Sleep lover, softlythrough the nightto waken with me at the dawn's first light: A lover's lullaby is nothing newbut never was a serenade more true. © 2022 All Rights Reserved. Written for dVerse Tonight, Sarah hosts Quadrille, and the watchword is 'sleep.'... Continue Reading →

Love’s Labour’s Lost #poetry #dVerse

Love’s labour’s lost which seeks home out of place:an unswept hearth, a heart as black as coal.It rather should burn steadily, keeping pacewith kindred spirits, render true hearts whole Love’s labour’s patient, understanding, kindseeks not to self-aggrandise, or deceive;seeks rather to spread light, though it be blind:Love’s lantern light shines that we might receive  Its... Continue Reading →

Riddles for dVerse #poetry

I.Carver of mountainscover of distant moonsexpansivelightest when hardestto crackonly takesthe subtle trickle ofa tear II.Deceives the deceiverbeguiles the believerfuels the fire of self-devouring flameburns all without reasonto self-love is treasonpleased to meet you:hope you guess my name* III.Longest when night nears endingalmost to madness sending the afflictedworrier, or loveralone, seeking escape beneath the coverof darknessnumbering... Continue Reading →

‘Twas not the lark: an Aubade #poetry

‘Twas not the lark, his song melodiousbut rather the seagull squark which woke us~somewhat odious~more so the factthat fated day had dawned when we must part:Oh, not at morningtide, of course(some hours hence) but stillanon, and on our love enduresenlightening our art © 2022 All Rights Reserved. Written for dVerse Tonight, Laura hosts Meeting The Bar,... Continue Reading →

Confetti #poetry #dVerse

Poetry of ordinary life is what I live forI said, you said,'Me too, Babe, me too'I said, 'Really, when you look aroundit’s everywhere:caught in the branch of a tree, justshooting the breezedrifting the air.' 'It’s in you,' you saidI said, 'it’s in you, too:that’s where we meetat the boundaries exploring ordinary thingsrendering themextraordinary.' Confetti cut-out wordscollaged... Continue Reading →

Morecambe and Wiser #poetry

A palate of clouds and light over the baybut I'm glad I took you anywayI hadn't been for such a long timeand the way the sun played on the sands: sublimethe stone jetty with its tongue-twisters,the unpretentious tea shop where we shelteredthen when we came out, how the grey clouds partedto reveal the hills!Glory days!... Continue Reading →

Could be better, could be verse…#poetry

I fail at fortune’s fate so many timesit stands to reason that I should give upnevertheless, my heart delights in rhymesI fill my mind with them, drink from the cupthat overflows, though drunk on words, still suptill I have had my fill, though there’s enoughto keep me rhyming, like a happy pupwho hunts his ball... Continue Reading →

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