From one lover to another #dVerse #quadrille

Islands in the streamthat is what we are, orships that pass in the night. And when the stream has driedof all it's bitternessan arroyo secois what divides us. From one lover who writesto anotherwho does not read. © 2021 All Rights Reserved. Written for dVerse Tonight it's quadrille, and De is hosting. She has... Continue Reading →

Siren Song #poetry #dVerse

Oh sing, Sweet Muse! of my lost love(so far away he waits for me)Oh sing, Sweet Muse! of my lost love(and I’ll sing him to me) A thousand miles away he waits beyond the sea, beyond the paleand I would sing him home to me:let words not fail.  I wait upon this barren rock;the spray hits... Continue Reading →

Chant of the Crickets #poetry #dverse

chchshshcricket musicin the morningchchchshshshsoft percussiongently soothingchchchchchchchshshshshshshshrising in volumewith the rising sunchchchchchchchchshshshshshshshshby mid-afternoonalmost unbearablechchchchchchchchchchshshshshshshshshshshno shade to hidenowhere to runchchchchchchchchshshshshshshshshsawing out a warningits alarmingchchchchchchchshshshshshshshsussuratingdyingchchchchchshshshshshat the end of daya storm comeschchchshshshthe sun’sgone downchchshshthis cricket-songis done © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Crickets outside my apartment, 9:30 am Written for dVerse Tonight, Björn hosts the 10th Anniversary edition of Meeting... Continue Reading →

Juke Joint #poetry #dVerse

Juke joint jumpingjive time age of innocence (precludes dry-humping)pony tails and bobby socksbaby boomers rolling on the rocksapple pie à-la-modeand I believe life tasted good back then.Now the apple’s fallentodayblossoming babies paytoo high a price. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved dVerse is back! From summer break, and it's quadrille time again. This time, we have a special guest host... Continue Reading →

She’s let herself go… #poetry #dVerse

She’s let herself go:two childrenalmost 50 yearslove and heartache lines etched in her face can’t be erased now:she has let herself go. She’s let herself go:too many gold hairs turned to greyhas she not heard of hair dye?Looks as though the answer's 'no,'I say, I sayshe's surely let herself go. She’s let herself go:is botox too expensive?Some... Continue Reading →

Nothing else than now #poetry #dVerse

Time's the illusionwe don't grow up, we grow outaway from our essential selvesonly to fall back in. There's a black hole at the centre of our beingradiating lightas Stephen Hawking proved, who said'I don't believe in God.' It doesn't matter what you call itonce you find it there is only peaceand bliss and joy in... Continue Reading →

Solstice me, silly #haibun #dVerse

Surely this is the best time of year to be where I am, right here. I've never spent early summer on the Slovenian coast before. To go from Andalusia to Northern Slovenia last year was too much of a wrench, I felt that I'd been almost instantaneously robbed of summer. In southern Spain, this time... Continue Reading →

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