Word Rich, Cash Poor

Word rich, cash poor: some kind of way to live,don’t want that mental load weighing me down;to feel I have a world of wealth to give,yet possess little I might call my own. A whisper in the heart blooms on the lipsand greets the air in unforced exhalation, inspires the hand to flex the fingertipsin Hallelujah... Continue Reading →

On Gratitude…

Outside, the stars watch one by oneOrion hunts the coming sun,while Cassiopeia curtseys, light across the sky At this hour, the world seems to sleep though shy and timid creatures creepto scratch out writhing worms with urgency. In one more hour, the birds beginchoir practice for the coming springas snowdrops burst through frozen earthdefiantly. There... Continue Reading →

The Wintered Queen

Into the crystal screen, The Wintered Queenwith heart encased in ice, gazes:begins to dance throughout the changing scenewhile rain, rooftops and pavements glazes Glides over a bridge above the Tynewith a familiar strangermirror upon mirror intertwinedKing into Queen, St Nicholas to Grainger A mirage or a vision, carousel appears before them - hoverswith fairytale cast, and,... Continue Reading →

First Kiss #poetry #dVerse + WIH update!

As I browse through the catalogueof our enchanted moments,I cast my mind back to that first kiss: Bliss! So chaste and pure, yet shot through withthe promise of much more So happy we have come this far:have come to this. © 2022 experimentsinfiction.com. All Rights Reserved. Written for dVerse Tonight, Linda hosts quadrille, where we write... Continue Reading →

Caw, blimey! #poetry #dVerse

Caw, blimey, guv’nor:What a pair of…eyesI’ve never seen the likes, and such a size!They’d make a handsome meal for my hatchlings! Caw blimey guv’nor:What a stinking corpsesmells good to me, no reason for remorse:Dry eyes, full belly. Caw, blimey, guv’nor!Is that doll out therein yonder field, with straw for hairsupposed to scare me? Caw blimey, guv’nor:What’s... Continue Reading →

Lover’s Lullaby #dVerse #Quadrille

Sleep, lover, near megently, doand in your arms, I'll dream a dream of you Sleep lover, softlythrough the nightto waken with me at the dawn's first light: A lover's lullaby is nothing newbut never was a serenade more true. © 2022 experimentsinfiction.com. All Rights Reserved. Written for dVerse Tonight, Sarah hosts Quadrille, and the watchword is 'sleep.'... Continue Reading →

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