Anchor/Safe Harbour #poem #poetry

Looking for a hook on which to hang my hopesexpectantly I hung my hopes on you;looking for a spot on which to fix my dreamsfixatedly, I obsessed over you: ‘What can I do, I’m falling?’My refrain:‘Let everything fall downfor I’m in love.’ Looking for a place to call my ownI told myself I’d found that... Continue Reading →

Daila Dārzniece #poetry #poem

"I am the bud and the blossom, I am the late-falling leaf" - Paul Dunbar, The Paradox Young at heart, though old in bodysound in mind, though oftentimes insanein my dreaming, bound by dreams which set me freeback to the beginning, bent like a young birch treeover the water, on the pivot of a divenature's daughter,... Continue Reading →

Just go #poetry #poem

Just go:you've said enough,so let's not make it tougheron ourselves.This isn't an excuse to stay in bed: I feelas if my head is in a vice, and I'm so tiredof trying tobe nice, sopleasejustgo. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse I have PMDD. I've written about this a lot, but this is... Continue Reading →

Liquid golden light #poetry #poem

I am liquid golden lightstreaming through your winter-windowin an arc across the canvas of the sky. I am airbrush particulate of golden lightsuspended in the airaspirating here and therethe song of early spring. I am golden light in shafts of summerfalling through a Mediterranean gardennot my own. I am the light you ownthe light withinthat's... Continue Reading →

Words #poetry #poem

Words... My bread and butter,my warm bath-water,my crystal clear lake in the height of summer:my home. My perfect mirrorof life all a-glimmerreflecting the light in myself and in others:shine on. My light in darknessin every dim recessof human unkindness you fear not to goand so I know me betterthrough words I utterwhether scribbled on paper... Continue Reading →

The Last Golden Eagle #Haibun

I've felt a special affinity with birds of prey since I was a teenager. I identified with them as solitary hill-loving creatures like me, who haunted the heights of my beloved Lake District. I saw many buzzards and kestrels, a mating pair of ospreys and even a peregrine falcon once, but never the Golden Eagle.... Continue Reading →

I must smell like a poet

I must smell like a poet, you seestrings of words just follow me aroundlike eager hounds along a hound trailthey pick up my scent then hit me with their sense and soul and sound. When I think of all the years my ears were deaf to this strange music, it doesn’t ever make me sad, but... Continue Reading →

When spring flowers… #poetry #dVerse

I shall not pass this way againbut if you should, in sun or rainor when spring flowers bedeck the grassremember me, where your feet passand shed a tear, in happinessfor all once dear, though passed in usis limitless. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Lisa is hosting at dVerse, and has asked us to use... Continue Reading →

The Long Read #poetry #dVerse

I’m going out for a read todaya long readit may be in the library or by the lakeor maybe I’ll catch a train and take my bookall the way to the seasideand read therebut it will be a long readand when I come backyou will hardly recognise me:My neurons will be pumped;my imagination primedto perfection;the curves... Continue Reading →

‘Quantum Entanglement’ revisited for dVerse: #poetry

It’s quantum entanglement:two bodies joinedin close proximity thensplit asunder, stillmatched in eternitycommunicating over trackless wastesof space and timeunfathomable, then,what I'm to doif I should seek to break free from these charmed quarks and thisquantum weirdnessknowing I am part of youa partthat's etched in me. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved I had an earlier version of... Continue Reading →

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