My review of ‘Joe and Nelly’ by Kim M. Russell

I’ve just finished reading Joe and Nelly with my son Benji, and what a moving and beautiful read it was! The story centres on Joe, a young boy who is evacuated from London to live in Wales at the start of the Second World War. Upon returning, he finds his family home has been destroyed in the Blitz. While searching through the wreckage, he meets his old school friend Nelly, though all is not quite as it seems.

I found this book educational, imaginative and deeply touching: dealing with issues of life and death in a manner gentle enough for children to understand without being too upsetting. Benji was interested to learn what life was like during the Second World War in Britain, and I hope he didn’t take his home comforts so much for granted after reading this story!

I recommend this book to parents of children aged 8 years plus, and also to older children who would enjoy reading it alone. As a parent, it was also interesting for me to read, and Kim has shown great skill in recreating a bygone era, and an enduring friendship between two childhood sweethearts. Benji was also impressed! You can read his review on Benji’s Very Big Blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I love world war two fiction, so Joe and Nelly sounds like a delightful and informative read packed full of emotion! Thank you for sharing what you took away from it. <3

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