The Anthropocene Hymnal is going live!

I am excited to announce that I will be hosting a live poetry reading event on 7 November 2021, at 5:00pm CET. During this event, contributors to The Anthropocene Hymnal will be reading their poems, and discussing the inspiration behind them.

I have timed this event to fall in the middle of the COP 26 Climate Conference in Glasgow. Some have heralded this as our ‘last chance’ to garner enough political will to work on worldwide solutions to the global problems we now face.

Really, I would like to be there on the ‘front line’ protesting, but I have decided to do what I can in my small way, raising my voice with others about the state of emergency on our planet, and what we might hope to do about it.

The event is free to attend, and if you would like to receive an invite in advance, you can email me at Alternatively, I will make a blog post at the time the event goes live, and include a link to join (via Google Meet). You can join from a computer, tablet or phone, and you do not have to have the Google Meet app installed.

I do hope to see you there, so that we can all contribute to the global conversation about our future on this planet. If you need to work out the time zone where you are, you can use this calculator.

stack of books
Now available from Amazon! I am donating all of my royalties to WWF.

Here is the latest ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review, courtesy of Selma Martin:

A most appropriate anthology on poetry for our time that talks about climate change and biodiversity loss that delineates our era right now, marking the reality we are in– the Anthropocene. The book is divided into two parts: the first one brings out all the right words on the desperation and appalling losses we’re all witnessing more and more every year. For sure we’ve all noticed it now. Part one is labeled “From despair…” and it does an amazing job at setting the tone for the book. I read this part slowly, nodding along and relating with every desperate scenario. Sad about how we got here. I favored all the poems in this section and got teary-eyed and connected souls with the authors. The second part is “Towards Hope….” The word hope as the descriptor gives me hope for a future I might not be here to see– the kind of hope I’m counting on for my children and their children. Loved every word written in this section too and I’m left with a fervent wish that more and more people read it, particularly those who still need more convincing about how real this climate crisis is. From the dedication– To my children and all the children of the earth– to the introduction about the conception of this book, to the very last poem entitled, “Leave a Light Footprint” by the extraordinary editor/poet, Ingrid Wilson with whom, like all the other talented poets featured in this book, I share an immense love for our planet. I want to add my light and my voice with theirs. And ask that we leave a light footprint, please. For the children. The cover art is lovely as are all the sketches scattered throughout the book; they add to the subject matter and to the passion of each musical note that makes up each poem. As the proud owner of a paperback, I highly recommend this book, for any occasion. Be aware too that proceed of sales will go to organizations working to save save our planet earth. Thanks, all. xo, Selma.

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    1. You can! The guest list will be limited to 100, but I’ll be surprised and thrilled to have that many attendees! 😅❤️🤩

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