#NaShiHaiKuMo2022 Day 1!

The ‘Shit Haiku’ has long been recognised, by the more discerning reader, as a distinct and particular poetic form in its own right. I was unaware until very recently, however, that this form was imbued with a rich history and an almost mystical provenance. I refer you to the following post to find out more:

Mikado Spittle.

Bearing this in mind, we at EIF have concluded that it is high time to spread the shit, so to speak, by publishing a new and bespoke shit haiku for every single day of April 2022! If you are unsure how to write the form, a desultory perusal of the first few examples should suffice…

Feel free to join in, posting your shit haiku with the hasthtag #NaShiHaiKuMo2022. I’ll also be doing this on Instagram @experimentsinfiction: hope to see you there!

Shit Haiku Day 1

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    1. My pleasure, Cheryl: although I think by tradition the jokes must end by midday: perhaps it’s not too late where you are πŸ˜…

      1. You’re welcome, Ingrid. Always. Ah! I missed that somehow. Thank you. I will visit Nick’s site soon! 😁

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