Reviews from Cindy Georgakas and Terveen Gill!

The latest EIF publication, Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow by Jeff Flesch will be published on 1 September 2022. In advance of the publication, I was delighted to read these wonderful advance reviews by Cindy Georgakas and Terveen Gill. Thank you to both of these talented and inspiring writers for providing such heartfelt and emotive reflections on Jeff’s work. Here is a selection of quotes from the reviews:

You can feel his heart and authenticity through the page as though you were sitting and having tea together or going for a walk.

Cindy Georgakas

…for me the most moving sentiments in this book are LOVE and HURT that often flow in cyclic patterns. Every poem has a life lesson to convey to the reader.

Terveen Gill

His essence shines through on every line in his poetry painting a picture of love through life’s struggles and pain.

Cindy Georgakas

This poetry book is a wonderful read for anyone who wishes to know themselves better. I can guarantee a smile, a tear, a gentle nod, a sigh of relief. There’s a blooming garden of words and their fragrance is irresistible.

Terveen Gill

Stay tuned for more updates on this hotly-anticipated new release! Please excuse any delay in replying to comments while I am hard at work preparing the book to go to press…


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  1. Amazing reviews by amazing people. I’m so honored and humbled by their beautiful words. Thank you for sharing these reviews, Ingrid! So exciting!

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