EIF Publishing News Round-up!

It has been a busy and exciting week here at EIF, H.Q., what with the launch of Re-Create & Celebrate: 7 Steps to turn your Dreams into Reality by Cindy Georgakas, and several other publishing-related activities. I have retired the email Newsletter for now (who needs any more of those?) but this news was too good not to share…

Re-Create & Celebrate launches to rave reviews

Saturday saw the launch party for Re-Create & Celebrate, which was well-attended and a huge success. In case you missed it, here is a link to the YouTube recording:

Once again, congratulations to Cindy, and thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed the book so far. Here are some quotes from the latest reviews:

When Cindy contacted me about doing a review for her book, she did not realize that I had just committed to re-creating myself, by losing weight. Her book was a great compliment to this endeavor. It was full of helpful ways to take a look inward to find the fortitude to make it happen.

β€” Dwight L. Roth

“This is a book readers can keep at their side and dip back into during times of need and when a mental boost and some good advice are needed.”

β€” Robbie Cheadle

“I am so impressed at how earnest and accessible this delicious book is… The author has allowed herself to be so very vulnerable with us in this volume, invested in her compassionate, loving effort to help others live their very best lives”

β€” David “Ben” Alexander

The Colourblind Grief takes Europe & the U.S. by storm

Author Jude Gorini now has his debut novel, The Colourblind Grief, on sale at bookshops across Europe, including Germany (Love Story of Berlin); Sweden (The English Bookshop in Stockholm, Uppsala and Gothenburg); and Spain (Come in English Bookshop, Barcelona). It will also be on sale at BGSQD @ The Center, New York, very soon. Congratulations, Jude: how wonderful to see your book take wings and fly!

My Life With MND arrives in Bookends, Carlisle

Since the launch of My Life With MND in December 2022, Daina Mason has been tireless in her efforts to promote her book, and raise awareness and much-needed funds for those living with Motor Neurone Disease. Daina, who was diagnosed in 2018, wrote the book using cutting-edge eye gaze technology. It is an informative and moving story, and huge testament to her fighting spirit.

This week saw her book arrive on the shelves of Bookends Carlisle, a local institution. Daina came to celebrate on Friday: Thank you to Megan at Bookends for the photos, and congratulations, Daina!

Watch this space for further publishing news!

The presses barely stand still at EIF, and just as one project draws to a close, we begin work producing more new and exciting titles, with two poetry books in the pipeline before Autumn, followed by another Fictional work due to reach the shelves in October. On the horizon for late 2023 into 2024 are more collaborative projects, offering you the chance to become part of the EIF family! Watch this space…


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  1. Here’s looking at you, dear Ingrid. Great of you to share your expertise with us and the world. And me. May the success of EIF never end.
    This was my first live Zoom. and having attended this time makes me feel happy. I was there. Thanks. I bless you and Cindy and all. πŸ‘πŸ½

  2. Congratulations. Cindy! Your company is wonderful. I enjoyed working with you during the production of my book Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir.

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