Freedom is a Dancer

Freedom is a dancer:
see how merrily she skips
needs no reply, nor answer
issues from her cherry lips.

She’s laughing, tossing golden hair
and caution to the wind
keeps spinning, merrily and fair
with winter far behind.

She isn’t fond of drudgery, 
but takes it in her stride:
the working day, which thoughts of play
cut clear through like a tide

of endless possibilities,
bright shining like the sun
through liminal infinities
though separate, all one.

© 2023 All Rights Reserved.

L.C.C.K. 🤘
“As I stand in that cathedral…”

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  1. Exquisite and meaningful, Ingrid. “liminal infinities, though separate, all one” That is the joyous, balanced life thoughtful people aspire to! <3 Beautiful song. Carole King was a favorite of my late husband.

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