Out Now: The Colourblind Grief by Jude Gorini

Congratulations to author Jude Gorini, whose first novel, The Colourblind Grief, is published today! This is also EIF’s first full-length fiction publication. The book is available from Amazon.com, Waterstones.com and Barnes&Noble.com.

London 2011, the year before the Olympics. The city is buzzing, and Daniel is just starting his journey into self-destruction: living a life of toxic love as his only remaining option. Sex, drugs and rock & roll are his sustenance. His mental health issues warp his life.

10 years later, everything has changed. Was it just a lie created by his family, or by his mind?

This is a journey of death and rebirth, through obsession and healing, towards discovery of the inner self.

A rip-roaring ride of a confessional novel, which takes place within the gay club scene of East London, before moving to Europe and the serene, sandy beaches of La Graciosa. Jude Gorini has written a brave, uncompromising tale which deals with issues of mental health, sexual identity and self-discovery. Difficult to put down, and impossible to forget!

About the Author

Jude Gorini (born 1985) is a Latino queer Author, podcaster, and creative artist.

He is the author of two poetry collections: Words/Wars, and Sorry, I’m Mad, both about his personal experience dealing with mental health, bipolar disorder and gender identity. His poem, ‘Mother’ was included in the anthology Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women (also from EIF) a bestselling release in 2022.

May I be the first to congratulate Jude, and wish him Happy Publication Day!


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  1. Congratulations to both Jude and Ingrid! I love that this book is different from previous works you have published and am intrigued by the cover design. 😊

  2. Wow, it sounds like a compelling read Ingrid! Congratulations to you both and all the best in getting the word out in the world of such an important subject! 👏🎉👏

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